Lately neon’s been the IT color of the season…and I’m particularly drawn to bright yellow.  DIY tassel earrings have been making the rounds for some time on the blogosphere (see …love, Maegan’s version or Studs n Pearls’ version), so I decided to spice up my version with a bit of elegant rhinestone chain around the tops of the tassels.  The great thing about using neon embroidery thread for this project?  For some reason the quality of the thread is such that it unravels in a heartbeat…particularly annoying for friendship bracelet projects…but perfect for DIY tassels!!  Here’s how to make them:


3 skeins neon embroidery thread / 9″ rhinestone chain /2 earring parts (leverbacks or fishhooks) in matching metal / 2 large matching jumprings

Tools: chain-cutting pliers / scissors / E6000 or similar flexible craft glue

How To:

1. Cut one of the embroidery threads in half, and add each half to the other thread skein, so you have two piles of thread.  Line up each thread so you have two thread placed together, and thread through a jumpring.

2. Estimate how long you want your earrings and add a little more length than you think you need.  Fold the thread other, match the ends, and trim the long ends.

3. Repeat, threading the two thread ends into the jumpring, pulling through, matching the ends to what you already have, and trimming.  Keep going until you have used all your thread (once you run out of the shorter length of thread from the halved skein, use the remaining single thread, or double it over and thread the free ends through the jumpring that way.)

4. Use a shorter thread length to tie around the threads just underneath the jumpring to secure.  (Tie in a double knot.)

5. Do the same for your other bundle of threads and jumpring.

6. Place a dot of glue on the thread knots, and snip the free thread ends.  Push the ends into the glue to secure down.

7. Snip the rhinestone chain in half with the chain cutters.

8. Place a thin strip of glue onto the back of the chain.

9. Place the tassel on top of the chain, right at the tied thread section.  Wrap the glued chain around the tassel, pushing the rhinestones together and into the tassel threads.

10. Do the same for the other tassel, and allow to dry.

11. Add the earring hooks to the jumprings.

12. Cut off the ends of the tassels to where you want the length, and “fluff” out the fibers so they unravels and become more “tassel-y”.You’re done!  (The whole process is actually deceptively simple; it just takes a bit of time to deal with the wrapping of the thread onto the jumprings.)

A bright, fun accessory that lights up your face and adds a dose of edgy glamour to any oufit!  Wear with something simple to show them off to their best advantage.:-)

Happy DIY’ing!

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