What’s a MUST for a spooky, scary, FUN Halloween project? Anything that GLOWS in the dark – and Tulip glow paint is the perfect product to make your DIY Halloween projects light up!diyglowskulltshirt_done2It can be use for costumes, treat bags, foam pumpkins, glass, metal, and wood items – and of course clothing. I’m a big proponent of holiday-themed items that can be used beyond the holiday season – so I decided to whip up this understated skull T-shirt that can be worn year-round…yet shows off that spooky Halloween glow once in the dark AND under a black light! And this trendy geometric design was pretty easy to make, too. Here’s how:


diyglowskulltshirt_materialsT-shirt (pre-washed and dried)  /  Tulip Glow Paint  /  Tulip Black Light Glow Paint  /  paintbrush  /  containers  /  paper  /  ruler  /  pen  /  marking chalk  /  scissors (not pictured)  /  piece of cardboard (not pictured)

How To:

diyglowskulltshirt_step11. First, decide on the design for your T-shirt. Take a regular letter-sized piece of paper, and a ruler that’s 1″ – 1.25″ wide, and draw evenly-spaced lines on the paper. Then add perpendicular lines to make a grid, and then add diagonal lines intersecting the corners of each square in the grid.

diyglowskulltshirt_step22. Sketch the basic shape of what you’re going to paint on your shirt. I chose to create a skull.

diyglowskulltshirt_step33. Cut out the paper and use as a pattern to trace on to the front of your shirt using marking chalk. (I also placed my shirt onto a T-shirt board to stretch it out; putting a piece of cardboard inside the shirt can be helpful when it comes to making these lines.)

diyglowskulltshirt_step44. Use marking chalk and the ruler to re-draw all the lines onto your T-shirt.

diyglowskulltshirt_step55. Now it’s time to paint! I wanted an understated look to my skull, so I chose to just use a paintbrush to carefully fill in each triangle. One coat of paint is enough for a translucent finish that glows in the dark. For each triangle, I mixed a couple different colors together, so each one was a slightly different tone from its neighbor. For the eyes of the skull I mixed a bit of Tulip Blue Black Light Paint with the regular Glow in the Dark paint in blue and green.

6. For the rest of the skull, I mixed various shades of yellow, pink, orange, and white Glow in the Dark Paint together. It does look a little muddy on a navy shirt. :-/

7. Then I went back and with the edge of the brush, added some lines for the nose and the teeth with a little bit of Black Light paint.

8. Allow the shirt to dry.

9. To “prime” the paint for ultimate glow-a-bility, activate by holding under a UV light for 1 minute. For a regular bulb, you will need to hold your project next to the bulb for several minutes. The glow paint will look most bright when applied directly from the tube!
And that’s it!

diyglowskulltshirt_done3I LOVE my new T-shirt (and love that I can wear it year-round without looking too Halloween-y). diyglowskulltshirt_done6Bring on the spooky darkness of the festivities this year, because I am totally ready for my Blacklight Party!

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diyglowskulltshirt_done5Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure: This post is part of a paid campaign with The BluePrint Social and I Love to Create. I received a box of Tulip Glow paints to create a DIY Halloween-themed project. The above opinions are my own. To read my full Disclosure Policy, click here.


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