I tend to wear tights year-round; even in the Summer it’s often cool enough here in Portland to need that extra leg-covering.  Right now tattoo-style tights are trending: get the bare look without being bare; the inked look without being inked.  They’re so absurdly easy to make I almost feel silly posting the tutorial…but as a quick ‘n easy project, these can’t be beat!  Here’s how:

You Need:

pair of sheer (or white, pink, or beige) pantyhose or tights  /  Sharpie Laundry Marker (Fine Point)  /  makeup remover wipes (optional)

How To:

1. Put on the tights.

2. Use the marker to draw a design on one (or both!) legs.  I just freehanded the design, drawing the outlines then filling in with black.  (As you can see, the ink will transfer to your flesh in the process…and may smear if you move the tights around as you are drawing!)

3. Once done, remove the tights carefully (trying not to smear the ink!!) and hand-wash with a small amount of delicates detergent/gentle soap/cleanser to get out the excess ink, and air dry.

4. Remove the ink from your leg with makeup remover wipes…or in the bath!
5. Wear your tights after they have dried completely, and enjoy!



*Though I took a photo of an ultra-fine-tip marker as well, I found that only the Sharpie Laundry Marker would actually blacken the nylon of the tights.  Definitely chose a permanent, water-resistant pen to do this!  (I wouldn’t really recommend paint to do designs on sheer pantyhose like these…tights with a high denier would be more advisable since the paint will certainly stiffen up.  I’m not sure I would recommend paint at all for DIY tights design…but some people have used it in tutorials before with fairly good results.)

*The color of the tattoo design goes on a lot darker than the finished color, which will lighten considerably after washing out the extra ink (and whilst wearing stretched out on your legs).  Design accordingly!

*Try using adhesive stencils (these Martha Stewart ones are pretty good!) for more complicated shapes if you’re looking for perfection, and dab the marker onto the tights rather than draw.

Happy DIY’ing!

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