0.diymacaronstand_introphotoLast week I shared how to make some easy pastel-colored French macarons, and today I’m going to share what to do with the ones you’ve made. You don’t want them just sitting around, right? How about making them into something even better, like a cute little stack holding a message of love for your sweetheart? It looks adorable sitting on a desk, makes a great gift for children or teachers, and is quite easy to make as the clay is soft enough to poke holes into without power equipment. Here’s how:

You Need:diymacaronstand_materials

2-3 clay French macarons in different colors (tutorial here)  /  craft glue  /  card holder clip and steel wire (made from small alligator clip + wire, you can buy them ready-made in craft stores or on Etsy here, or buy the materials separately at the Home Depot and make yourself. There is a good tutorial for that here.)

How To:


1. First stack a couple macarons together to see how they fit. Press the wire end of one memo clip into the center top macaron.diymacaronstand_step2

2. Remove the top macaron and screw the wire clip all the way through the center.diymacaronstand_step3

3. Retract the wire back into the hole a little (using a screwing motion so as not to strip the hole you made). Replace the bottom macaron in the stack and re-screw the wire downwards to make a mark in the bottom macaron.diymacaronstand_step4

4. Place a generous amount of craft glue onto the top of the bottom macaron, avoiding the hole area.diymacaronstand_step5

5. Align the bottom macaron with the wire at the indent you made, and continue to screw the wire down into the bottom piece. (Don’t go all the way through the macaron, just embed the wire halfway.)diymacaronstand_step66. Press the macarons together to spread the glue in-between, and allow to dry. diymacaronstand_done3

Pretty easy, huh?diymacaronstand_done1

What could be sweeter than a cute little rainbow-colored confection, that is permanently enjoyable?diymacaronstand_done2Happy DIY’ing – and Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you guys!!






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