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10/28/2020 Announcement: I am no longer accepting advertising or sponsorships on Chic Creative Life. Inquiries will not be replied to and this site has been archived.

This is a personal DIY, crafting, and fashion blog featuring tons of DIY tutorials, styling tips, and budget shopping picks; focused on how to look fabulous on a budget with a hefty dose of creativity.

My readership encompasses mostly women, from 18 – 45, and we all share one thing in common: we want to add our own personal stamp to everything in our lives, leaving beauty and creativity wherever we go.  If your business or website features items that don’t break the bank, luxury items for less, crafty products, tools, or supplies, indie designer finds, or handmade goods – then it would be a great fit for my audience!

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Let’s Partner

I would love to partner with you and your business to promote your products or services!

 I offer ad space available in my sidebar, a sponsored post, package of social media mentions, or collaboration. If you prefer a different method of sponsorship, you could also:

  • Offer an item for giveaway on Chic Creative Life. Items must fit with my audience. Giveaways are open for 1 week, and usually receive a great deal of traffic (average giveaway entries are 30-100 entries, depending on method of entry). You would be responsible for shipping the item to the winner.
  • Provide an item for me to feature in an outfit or use in a DIY tutorial.  I link whatever I’m wearing or using to the website where it’s available for purchase. However, the items I feature has to be of good quality and from an established, well-designed site for me to provide an honest and ringing endorsement. (I love Etsy shops too!)

I also support local fashion- and art-related events in the Portland, Oregon Metro area.  I  Please let me know if there is an event you’d like me to attend or store you’d like me to check out and I can feature it on the blog.

What Else?


I allow paid posts through the SHEMedia ad network, and with companies that provide product or services that might be of interest to my readers. I always disclose when my post is a paid one.


I don’t allow advertisers who link to pages containing alcohol/firearms/cigarettes/tobacco/pornographic material/material unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18.


I don’t allow advertisers who advertise products unrelated to my site content; i.e., not in the women’s fashion/craft supply/accessories/crafting books/DIY classes/home decor/home improvement product categories. Do you offer something outside of those categories? Reach out to me and let's see if it's a fit!

Thank you so much for considering sponsoring or advertising with Chic Creative Life..:-)

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