DIY Tribal-Print Festival T-Shirt with boohoo

0.chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_introphotoTo mix and match with destroyed denim cutoffs, favorite jeans, or a soft, loose maxi-skirt…the ultimate piece of festival wear is the versatile T-shirt. Take yours a step further with your own DIY print and some well-placed studding to complement the print. boohoo makes the softest, drapiest, most versatile tees – just perfect for customizing with your own hand-made print. And it’s super-easy to make a #boohooDIY with some sticky foam, soft fabric paint, and some pyramid studs!  Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Painted Kitten Tee: Easily Transfer Designs to Clothing with DecoArt Ink Effects

I’ve been ogling kitten tees as of late…I’m a total crazy cat lady (except I live with my Hub’s dog…go figure).  So the best I can do is a little kitten of my very own..on a T-shirt per se.  But being as type-A as I am, I just couldn’t settle on a design I liked.  Some were too twee for me, some t-shirts weren’t loose enough, or were too short, or too pink; some had writing on them, some had ugly cats…and wouldn’t ya know it, it is now the middle of Summer and I am still hankering after a watercolor-style kitten t-shirt.  So I decided to DIY!
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DIY: What to Do With the BF’s Old Tees #1

I’m sure (for those of you who have SO’s who are male) you’ve got a man’s white underwear-style t-shirt bangin’ around somewhere. Probably Hanes, no?

Hub has this ridiculous tendency to toss his clothes in the trash the minute they have the slightest stain, look a little dingy, exhibit some pilling, or stretch out of shape a little. Wasteful! Though I donate as much as I can of his used clothes to Goodwill/Salvation Army, his ol’ white tees were begging to be given a new life.

And there’s no end to the possibilities with a little fabric dye or paint on hand. Tie dye, potato printing, brushstrokes…it’s all up to you. 80’s-style, abstract tees are all over the place right now.

So why buy when you can DIY?

I used Tulip Brand Soft Fabric Paint (because it dries soft and flexible unlike a lot of other brands out there), but found that the bottle it comes in has too wide a mouth to distribute a thin scribble-like line (and fabric markers will skip over the fabric, not producing a continuous line, which is what I wanted). So I poured the paint into a Ziploc bag, snipped the tip off (I made the snip too tiny and the paint wouldn’t come out at first – this stuff is surprisingly viscous).

Then – scribble, scribble, scribble front, let dry, turn over, and scribble, scribble, scribble back – and you’re done!

I know the scribbles don’t exactly hide the pilling and the stains – but they draw the eye away, leaving me with a very wearable t-shirt. It also looks casual cool under a blazer/suit combo.

Something to try over the long weekend, perhaps?

Happy DIY’ing!
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The Painted Man…He Haunts My Dreams

(handmade DIY dress, Icing by Claire’s belt, Newport-News patent clutch, Forever21 ring, Nine West heels)

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done an outfit post…what with being sick, feeling down, and just not having the physical and mental fortitude to sit in front of the computer and edit hundreds of photos means no outfit updates. I’m sure you’re all very upset. 🙂

And yes, I edit every single one of the photos Hub takes…I Photoshop Blake Lively’s head onto my body. Or vice versa. ‘Narf. (And if you get that reference, you’re a total 80’s cartoon dork just like me.;-)

So this is a dress I made awhile ago, for that infamous FashionTribes post about DIY’ing your own designer-style painterly garment…and it was never posted on the site. Harrrumph.

So I styled it on my own.


I made the dress using Simplicity 3747. I altered the pattern to create a voluminous pleat in the front (Hub says it looks like maternity wear – totally not my intention), made an A-line shape to the skirt, and extended the lining so that it shows at the bottom. Hub also says the shape of it looks like something a patient would wear at a psych ward. (Read: neck a little too wide, shoulders shapeless, large and baggy and white.) It looks much better when belted. Maybe I shoulda stuck to the pattern? But I definitely wanted volume – very 2009.

And then I painted brushstrokes on the bottom using Tulip brand matte soft fabric paints (they don’t dry completely stiff and hard like most fabric paints, but they still, IMHO, add a little too much stiffness to the fabric for it to look “natural.”) These are really carefully done…and I had to do it twice to get it just right. I used Ebony, Lime, and Cornflower Blue, if I remember correctly.


This is the coolest ring from Forever21…it has tiny purple beads in the center…it’s like a little alien pod.

I think I’ve written that before. Man, I’m getting old.

Ninewest shoes
NineWest gold Joisey-girl heels. They make my feet look like the Jolly Green Giant’s.
(in size LOL)

-Carly J. Cais

Oh, sorry – and the title of this post…well, if you were a teenage girl in the early nineties (’91, I think?)…you definitely went to see this movie. Guys stayed far, far away. This was before dude lost most of his hair and became obsolete (read: made an overblown, ridiculous production with Dennis Hopper). And before other dude decided to marry his 27-yr old granddaughter (or so says the Enquirer or some schlock as of late). Hmmm…can you tell I was a film major?? LOL

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