0.chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_introphotoTo mix and match with destroyed denim cutoffs, favorite jeans, or a soft, loose maxi-skirt…the ultimate piece of festival wear is the versatile T-shirt. Take yours a step further with your own DIY print and some well-placed studding to complement the print. boohoo makes the softest, drapiest, most versatile tees – just perfect for customizing with your own hand-made print. And it’s super-easy to make a #boohooDIY with some sticky foam, soft fabric paint, and some pyramid studs!  Here’s how:

You Need:

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_materialsT-shirt  /  piece of cardboard, T-shirt insert, or large cutting board  /  sticky-back foam  /  wood block  /  soft fabric paint (black)  /  pyramid studs  /  tray for the paint  /  ruler or shape tracing plastic  /  pen  /  scissors and craft knife  /  paper towels  /  pliers  /  brush (not pictured)

 chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step1        How To:

1. Create the tribal stamp. Draw on the back of the sticky-back foam, using a ruler and tracing plastic.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step22. Cut out the shape you made.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step33. Peel off the backing and affix to the wood block.

4. Slip a large piece of cardboard or T-shirt insert or cutting board into your tee to make it flat.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step45. Pour out the fabric paint onto a flat tray, using a brush to spread it evenly.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step56. Dab the foam block into the paint, just coating the surface.chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step6

7. Stamp the t-shirt in an evenly-spaced pattern, dipping the foam block repeatedly to recover with paint. (I found after awhile it was more accurate to spread paint on the stamp with the brush.)chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step7

8. Once you’re done, wipe the stamp down.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step89. Create a smaller stamp if you like with 2 layers of foam stuck together, placed onto a small square of foam. Use the smaller design to stamp a smaller motif, leaving a space in the center.

9. Allow to dry flat.

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_step910. Add a pyramid stud in the center of the smaller motif, using pliers to bend down the prongs on the back.
chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_done1  And that’s it! Pair with your favorite festival duds: a pair of amazing boots, cutoffs, and a pretty head-chain to complement your newest printed masterpiece!

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_done2To celebrate festival season, boohoo is encouraging their fans to create their own festival-ready outfits. If creativity strikes take a snapshot of your finished creation and Tweet to @boohooUSA or Instagram to @boohooofficial with the hashtag #boohooSWAG and #boohooDIY. This sounds super-fun – can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_done3Happy DIY’ing!

FTC disclosure: I was gifted a T-shirt and a pack of crafting supplies from boohoo to make my own festival-ready piece. See my Disclosure Policy here.



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