DIY Leaf and Crystal Crown for Music Festivals

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diy-leaf-crystal-music-festival-crown-chic-steals With the Weekend 2 of Coachella coming up, you’re probably prepping your floral crowns and boho headdresses right now – or even trying to reuse what you had from the first weekend. By now perhaps your flowers have withered or maybe you want to go for an entirely different look the second time around. Why not try a handmade leaf and crystal crown and stand out from the crowd? Here’s how:

DIY Music Festival Leaf and Crystal Crown (for Coachella, Bonnaroo, etc.)

I received a beautiful bouquet from, reviewed here – and wanted to try something a little different with the included greenery.

You Need:diy-leaf-crystal-music-festival-crown-materials

crystals (preferably drilled) – mine are C-grade Quartz Crystal Points  /  thin brass jewelry wire (20ga+)  /  wire cutting pliers  /  gold-tone headband with decorative piece (mine is from Target)  /  green leaf stalks and/or flowers

How To:


1. Thread one of the crystals onto a long piece of cut wire, and place onto the flat design element of your headband. Start wrapping one end of the wire around the headband wire, leaving a couple inches at the tail end.


2. Secure the crystal by continuing to wrap.


3. Add another crystal on, and wrap the wire around the headband base again to secure. Keep adding crystals on in this manner, in a row.


4. When you are satisfied with the number of crystals secured to your headband, wrap the wire around the headband base a few times to secure, leaving a couple inches at the tail end.


5. Now is when those couple inches of wire come in handy. Place a green leaf stalk near the crystals, and wrap the wire end around the stem to secure. Wrap any sharp ends underneath so they don’t stick out.


6. If needed, add another piece of wire to wrap the stalk to the headband. Cut the stalk about 2″ shorter than the end of the headband, and secure with wrapping the wire around it.


7. Once your greenery is secure, you can add flowers to fill in gaps if you like.


Pretty easy!


And pretty!


In order to preserve your crown until you’re ready to wear, keep in a cool, dark place (like your fridge!) Enjoy-and feel like a woodland queen for your next festival or Summer gathering.

Happy DIY’ing!


P.S. The weight of the crystals and stems is pretty hefty, which is why you need a strong base. There are other flower crown tutorials out there using dead-soft jewelry wire or elastic, but I wouldn’t recommend either because they would bend or get weighed down. Using a finished store-bought metal headband (made of tempered hardened metal) will provide a strong enough base – and it is ideal if you can find a headband that is 2 wires with a space between them (like this one). I couldn’t find one like that, so went with a headband that had some wire detailing in an area that would work well to wire some crystals on to. (Plus, you can remove the wire and floral elements and just wear the headband once your greenery dies!)


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DIY Gold Leaf Head Chain for Music Festivals

0.DIYleafheadchain_intro Whether you call them head chains, headbands, circlets, fairy head adornments, or hippie bands, these beautiful head adornments can be seen all throughout the Summer: at music festivals, on the beach, and at weddings. Growing up, I never saw them at all – the high school I went to was super-preppy, and I never knew anyone who rocked these. Then, at some point I started making them (mostly for this blog), and found that I loved them! I normally don’t dress very boho, but when I do, I feel these head adornments are a must for dressing up what usually feels like a very dressed-down ensemble to me. For me, the more jewelry the merrier! And I love the Medieval/Grecian princess vibe they add as well (Game of Thrones cosplay, anyone? ;-). There are so many DIY versions out there done with chain, but I wanted to take it to the next level with some pretty stampings instead. And it’s so easy to do! Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Tribal-Print Festival T-Shirt with boohoo

0.chicsteals_DIYtribalprintshirt_introphotoTo mix and match with destroyed denim cutoffs, favorite jeans, or a soft, loose maxi-skirt…the ultimate piece of festival wear is the versatile T-shirt. Take yours a step further with your own DIY print and some well-placed studding to complement the print. boohoo makes the softest, drapiest, most versatile tees – just perfect for customizing with your own hand-made print. And it’s super-easy to make a #boohooDIY with some sticky foam, soft fabric paint, and some pyramid studs!  Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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Easy Music Festival DIY’s

Music festival season is in full swing…and now is a great time to refresh some of your old faves in the closet and get them ready for the circuit!  Here are some on-trend festival fashion DIY’s that can get you ready to rock out in a flash:

5.done2How about some DIY Suede Fringed Gladiator Sandals? So easy using suede fringe by-the-yard!

tee20Turn a men’s t-shirt into a DIY Chain-and-Bead Halter Dress. Stitch on another tube of fabric to the bottom and you have a maxi-dress, or leave it short for a cute festival look or pool cover-up.

doneLayer on lace with my DIY Lace Top to Lace Vest tutorial.  Looks especially cool layered over denim!

skirtfront2Make your own sheer DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt…From a Curtain for super-cheap (mine cost $2.99 for the lace curtain from Goodwill!)…even cheaper if you already have lace lying around.

done3While on the subject of lace…you could also attach lace to your boots for a pair of DIY Lace-Covered Boots to pretty up your steps.

done2And speaking of boots, you can also DIY your own version of those Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Boots, as long as you can find the base boots to poke holes into.

headband2bA DIY Bra Strap Headband is a great way to re-use an old bra strap – and adorned with a fancy pin, it looks equal parts boho glam and Art Deco festive.

donenoborderJazz up a tote bag with studs and fringe to make a DIY Biker Babe Fringed Tote. Coordinating biker dude sold separately.

done3_loopscarfEveryone needs a scarf to accessorize at a festival.  done_leopardscarfTry my DIY Necklush tutorial, or my DIY Leopard No-Sew Scarf from a T-Shirt tutorial.
done2Go the flower child route and make a pair of DIY Flowered Ballet Flats. Just a hot glue gun and some lace scraps and fake flowers are all you need.

outfitIf you’re up for a challenge, why not recon a guy’s button-down into a hot little DIY Jumpsuit Romper?

shirtdress2Or into a DIY Cute Summer ShirtDress? Totally festival- (and warm weather-) worthy.

banglesEvery outfit needs accessories too…and you can raid your fabric or home furnishings store for these DIY Curtain Rings to Boho Bangles.


And finally, you can also DIY your own Festival-ready Customized Rucksack with Kate’s Closet on ASOS. An oldie but a goodie! 😉

Are you guys looking forward to DIY’ing anything for any upcoming festivals or events you’re attending?


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Going to Lollapalooza, Coachella, or Bonnaroo? Here’s Your Music Festival Fashion Must-Haves!

musicfestivalfashionHeading into music festival season what’s on everyone’s minds (besides the great music and fun parties on the horizon)…is the fashion!  Lollapalooza, Coachella, Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo…wherever you’re headed there’s some must-have attire you need to bring.  Here are a few awesome must-haves for your next music festival or concert event (or other Spring gathering):

Happy Musical Festivities – and Rock on, ladies!

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