DIY Tom Binns Neon Cameo Necklace

0.diytombinnsneoncameo_introphotoThis DIY tutorial has likely been done already hundreds of times in the aftermath of Tom Binns releasing his neon cameo collection in Spring 2012 – but what’s once more? I love the juxtaposition of elegant, old-world cameos harkening back to the times of daguerrotypes and intaglio portraits…rendered in full-on neon for the modern age. You can make your own easily, with some paint, rhinestone chain, and a soft embossing metal as backing – with no one the wiser as to how your unique creation came about. Here’s how:


1 cameo (and this place has the best selection!)  /  rhinestone cup chain  /  gold embossing metal  /  scissors  /  jump ring  /  pliers  /  wire-cutting pliers  /  jewelry glue (not pictured)  /  pin or awl (not pictured) /  paint in 2 neon colors  /  primer or white paint  /  pen  /  paintbrush  /   matte sealant (optional, not pictured)

How To: diytombinnsneoncameo_step1 1. Since cameo colors are usually fairly opaque, you may want to prime your cameo first with a coat of primer, or just a coat of white paint. Allow to dry.

2. Paint the cameo. Usually it’s easiest to paint the lighter color first, than the brighter or darker color next. You may have to do a couple coats of each color to fully hide the color of the original cameo.

3. (optional) Paint a coat of sealant on he cameo to hide brushstrokes and prevent paint chipping. Allow to dry.

4. Glue the cameo onto a small piece of embossing metal.
5. Place the rhinestone chain around the cameo, and cut to desired length.
diytombinnsneoncameo_step26. Spread glue on the back of the rhinestone chain, and glue to the metal backing around the cameo.

7. When dry, poke a hole in the embossing metal with a pin or awl.

8. Trim the metal close around the chain, and use the side of the scissors to fold it to cup the chain so no sharp edges stick out.
diytombinnsneoncameo_step39. Thread a jumping through the hole you made, onto a necklace.

And you’re done!
Wear with something dark and modern for contrast, or pair with a pastel frilly corset for your best Marie Antoinette impression!

diytombinnsneoncameo_done2Happy DIY’ing!


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Neon + White Shopping Picks

white+neonshoppingpicksI’m quite obviously having a huge neon moment. Neon and brights seem to evoke the best of warm weather: sunny Summer days, lazy vacations, and fun.  Neon looks especially fresh this 2013 by pairing it with white: a bright neutral to offset the eye-searing color pop.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces going into this season:

1. Flowing Sarong Trousers, $79.90 and Studded Clear Tote, $19.80  /  2. Power Play Blazer, $78 and Triangle Collar Necklaceicon, $25.46  /  3. Jack by BB Dakota Intern of Honor Skirt, $40.99 and Santiago Neon Watch, $75

4. Chinese Laundry Joyride Ankle Cuff Heels, $93 and What a Sight Mini Skirt, $10.95  /  5. Caroline Baggi Neon Green Punky Bracelet, $85  6. Release Sunglasses in Wizard White Jadeicon, $25  7. Aldo Bergeron Clutch, $40 and Factory Neon Stud Earrings, $16.50

How do you feel about neon? Too youthful, too crazy, too 80’s? Or can’t get enough? Let me know in the comments section!



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DIY Neon Sign Manicure: No Airbrush Needed

I wanted some neon color on my fingertips, but wanted to be subtle about it.  What could be better than bright neon on black, reminiscent of cool Summer nights at the carnival?  Give your tips a hot neon makeover with a little paint and patience (and no airbrush to have to bother with for this art).  Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Rhinestone-Wrapped Neon Tassel Earrings

Lately neon’s been the IT color of the season…and I’m particularly drawn to bright yellow.  DIY tassel earrings have been making the rounds for some time on the blogosphere (see …love, Maegan’s version or Studs n Pearls’ version), so I decided to spice up my version with a bit of elegant rhinestone chain around the tops of the tassels.  The great thing about using neon embroidery thread for this project?  For some reason the quality of the thread is such that it unravels in a heartbeat…particularly annoying for friendship bracelet projects…but perfect for DIY tassels!!  Here’s how to make them:

Materials: (more…)

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Trend Alert! Bright, Bold Neon Colors for Spring 2012 and Nine Covetable Pieces

Though minimalistic, clean lines are a defining shape for the coming season (hello, 3.1 Philiip Lim and Cushnie et Ochs!), it’s now color that is taking center stage.  Big, attention-getting neon brights are a throwback to 80’s fun and yet evoke a modern 21st-Century sensibility.  And a pop of glow to everything from your gym gear to your work ensemble, and embrace the newly-brightened Age of Aquarius.

1. Fords of Avon Pleated Green Dress, $54

2. Forever 21 Structured Crossbody Bag, $19.80

3. Urban Outfitters Neon Rugby Striped Crew Sock, $8

4. BB Dakota the Geona Top, $58

5. Iridium Lego Heart Pendant, $18

6. Qupid Glitter Neon Pink Strappy Heel, $34

7. SPLURGE PIECE: J. Crew Tilary Bucket Bag, $198

8. Cropped Zip Bandeau, $35

9. Colorblocked Sandals, $12.80


Are you planning on incorporating neon at all into your Spring wardrobe?


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