I wanted some neon color on my fingertips, but wanted to be subtle about it.  What could be better than bright neon on black, reminiscent of cool Summer nights at the carnival?  Give your tips a hot neon makeover with a little paint and patience (and no airbrush to have to bother with for this art).  Here’s how:

You Need:

black base color  /  white nail polish pen  /  acrylic paint in your favorite 3 neon colors  /  clear top coat  /  nail polish remover & Q-tip (not pictured)

Tools:  textured sponge  /  dish for paint  /  paper towel

How to:

1. Squeeze a small amount of each paint color onto your dish.

2. Paint your nails with the black polish, enough to make an opaque base.

3. Use the white polish pen to draw a squiggly line over your nails, which will be the neon tube of the sign.  I also wrote “Love” in connected script as if it were a neon sign.

4. Daub excess paint onto the paper towel until there’s very little left on the sponge.

5. Apply randomly to only parts of your nails, concentrating it over the white lines.

6. Do the same with Color #2.  Be careful not to completely cover up Color #1.

7. Add in Color #3 in a splotchy pattern, filling in any gaps so no white is visible.

8. Seal with a clear top coat once the acrylic paint is totally dry, and use the nail polish remover and Q-tip to remove any excess paint on your fingertips.

And that’s it!

Imagine writing secret messages or groups of letters…

Or trying yellow and orange paint…

Or even going over those lines with an ultra-thin white polish pen in the very center, so it could totally pass for neon!

Happy DIY’ing!


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