0.diyeastereggnails_introphotoSince Easter is coming up soon, I was collecting some images of inspiring egg decoration. I landed upon this, and began thinking…what about doing this to your nails? So I did. And it turned out amaaaaaazing. (Who doesn’t love chic gold leaf, right??!) diyeastereggnails_done3Here’s how to do it too:

You Need:

diyeastereggnails_materialspastel-colored nail polishes (I chose 5 different colors)  /  gold leaf  /  gold leaf adhesive pen  /  small scissors  /  soft paintbrush  /  topcoat

How To:   diyeastereggnails_step1 1. Paint your nails your chosen pastel base color. (I did two coats for maximum opacity.)

diyeastereggnails_step22. Use the gold leaf adhesive pen to dab adhesive randomly onto your nails. Wait 10 minutes.diyeastereggnails_step33. Snip a small piece of gold leafing off.

diyeastereggnails_step4 Place it onto the top of a nail.

4. Pull off, leaving the gold leaf on your nail. Repeat over any parts of your nail that you didn’t get already.

diyeastereggnails_step55. Use a soft paintbrush to brush off the excess gold leaf. Be careful not to press to hard, or else you will start to rub away the gold leaf itself!

diyeastereggnails_step66. Finish up with a thick clear topcoat.

7. You also may have to re-apply the topcoat every couple of days so wear and tear doesn’t eventually eat away at the leafing.

diyeastereggnails_done2And that’s it! A perfect, Eastery 10 to coordinate to your outfit. Hop along and make your day that more special with being outfitted all the way to the tips of your fingers!

And…here’s a graphic for easy pinning:
diyeastereggnails_pinterestdiyeastereggnails_done1 diyeastereggnails_done3
Also, if you’re into gold leafing, here’s some more gold leaf manicure inspiration:

Delightfully Tacky: Full Coverage Gold Leaf  /   The Beauty Department: Side Triangle Gold Leaf  /  Stripes & Sequins: Gold Leaf Pedicure

diyeastereggnails_done4Have a happy Easter! Hope you nail those decorations this year 🙂




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