done2*This project was featured here in the New York Issue of Snippets Magazine on Cut Out + Keep in 2010; I’m just re-posting the tutorial on my site.

This last season of TV’s Gossip Girl has seen the two female leads wear some awfully big, flashy earrings in true 80’s throwback style. Taking a leaf from Blair’s Dynasty-inspired playbook, I’m DIY’ing another version of a pair of oversized gemstone earrings, using fabric and mesh tulle.

You Need:materials1

Small amount of fabric fabric for backing (I used peach-colored satin voile)  /  small amount of mesh tulle as overlay  / 4 silver-colored jump rings  / 2 silver-colored French hook earring wires  / sheet of stick-on mounted rhinestones (from the scrapbooking section of the craft store) materials2Tools:  Scissors  / Lighter / Fabric Glue  / Jewel-It Embellishing Glue  /  Pliers

How To:


1. Place the gemstones on the fabric to visualize the layout of the piece.

step22. When you’ve decided on where you want your stones, cut the fabric around them.

step33. Remove the gemstones and cut another matching piece of fabric for the other earring.

step44. Use an open flame to seal the edges of the fabric. (Use the heat from the flame – not the flame itself, lest it blacken the fabric like it did mine..unless that’s what you want!)

step55. Use fabric glue to affix the tulle over the fabric.  (I used two layers since my tulle is colored similarly to my fabric and I wanted it to stand out more.)

step66. Attach the gemstones using Jewel-It! glue in the design you chose in Step 1).

step77. Allow to dry. step88. Trim the tulle to around the edge of the fabric.  (I left about 1/4″ of tulle hanging over the edge.)

step99. Use pliers to poke a jumpring through each piece.

step1010. Attach another jumpring and the French wires to finish your earrings.

done1You’re done!

done2Wear with a calculating smirk to complete the privileged Upper-East-Sider look. 😉




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