0.diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_introphotoWhat could be better as the crowning detail for a spooky Halloween costume than a glowing gothic eyeball brooch? With Martha Stewart Decoupage it’s super-easy to make your own with just a few supplies! The decoupage formulas and finishes can be used on a variety of surfaces, indoors or out, and dry hard with no yellowing or tackiness. diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done6Perfect for Victorian-era creepy old ladies, witches, fortune tellers, rotting corpses, et al, this fake foam brooch ups the ante to your costume (and glows in the dark to light your way on All Hallows Eve!)  Here’s how to make your own in a snap:

You Need:

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_materialsMartha Stewart Crafts Decoupage medium eyeball paper cut-out*  /  Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Multi-Surface Durable Glow-in-the-Dark Finish*  /  paintbrush  /  black craft foam  /  white craft foam  /  small hole punch  /  glue gun  /  black tulle  /  scissors  /  pin back  /  pen  /  box cutter and/or small scissors (optional)

*Martha Stewart Decoupage products are available at Michaels.

How To: diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step11. Trace around the eyeball cut-out onto the back of the black foam.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step32. Draw a circle slightly inside the eyeball tracing. Also draw around the outside of the eyeball tracing to create the outer edge of your brooch – I added some curlicues and points for a “gothic” flair.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step43. Use the hole punch to punch a few holes around the outside if you’d like a filigree-style frame.

4. Cut out along the outside line you drew to create the brooch frame.

5. Cut out along the inside line you drew (this can be easier if you use a box cutter or small pair of scissors to do).

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step26. Decoupage the eyeball cut-out onto the white foam using the Martha Stewart Decoupage Glow-in-the-Dark Finish. Spread the decoupage over the top of the eyeball too, and allow to dry.

7. Add another coat once dry – and another once that one is dry, for a total of 3 coats.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step58. Once dry, cut out around the eyeball leaving a bit of white foam showing.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step69. Spread hot glue around the edge of the eyeball and glue the black frame onto it.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step710. Cut the tulle into two long strips.diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step8

11. Gather up one strip, pleating with your fingers, and hot-glue it to the back of the brooch on one side. Repeat for the other side and other piece of tulle.diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step9

12. Trim the edges of the tulle if necessary.

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_step1013. Hot-glue the pin backing onto the back, and allow to dry.
diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done2   diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done5 And that’s it! Super-easy…and super-creepy too.diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done3

It even glows in the dark (though I had a lot of trouble trying to capture it with the camera).

diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done4diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done6 That eye just seems to follow you around…yeesh. diydecoupageeyeballbrooch_done1Happy Halloween, everyone!

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