0.diyquartzwrapbangle_introphotoHello again, friends! I just couldn’t wait to share this chic and easy bangle bracelet project with all of you.

diyquartzwrapbangle_inspirationI am always drawn to rough, organic crystals and gemstones rather than perfectly-faceted pieces, and much of the jewelry available at Free People satisfies that sparkle-lust. I fell in love with this Crystal Flame Cuff by Vega Jewelry, but the $258 price tag was much more than I could afford. I realized I could easily make the same kind of look for a steal – hence this project. (And it’s so, so quick to whip up!!) Here’s how I made my newest FAVORITE bracelet:

You Need*:


bangle with open part at center  /  quartz crystal  / flat suede cord  /  scissors  /  glue for metal/leather (pictured is E6000, but of course it is #$@$ and I had to switch to Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Adhesive since E6000 didn’t work AT ALL.)  /  Optional: gold leafing kit (not pictured)

*all my materials, except for the crystal, were found at Michael’s craft store.

How To:


1. Figure out the placing of your crystal. I liked the crack in the middle, and with the space in the bangle you should be able to partially “seat” your crystal in the bangle.diyquartzwrapbangle_step2

2.Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the end of the suede lacing cord.

3. Start by placing the lace into the underside of the bangle, allowing the glue to set for a minute.

4. Hold the end down and wrap around the crystal tightly.

5. Repeat a couple times (I found I liked 3 times around the crystal), then put a dab of glue on the underside of the cord again. Press the cord down until set.diyquartzwrapbangle_step3

6. Trim excess cord.diyquartzwrapbangle_step4

7. Repeat for the other side of the crystal.diyquartzwrapbangle_step5

8. Optional: For a more luxe look, use a metal leafing kit (glue + leafing) to adhere some gold to the top of the lacing, brushing off the excess with a soft brush.  

And that’s it!diyquartzwrapbangle_done3

Pretty simple, huh? I have to say, it is a spectacular result!diyquartzwrapbangle_done1

I even made another bracelet, with some dyed quartz and brown suede (that I may add some silver leafing to later).diyquartzwrapbangle_done2

How gorgeous would these look stacked with other delicate bangles and bracelets??!diyquartzwrapbangle_done4 Happy DIY’ing!




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