DIY Free People Wrapped Quartz Bangle

0.diyquartzwrapbangle_introphotoHello again, friends! I just couldn’t wait to share this chic and easy bangle bracelet project with all of you.

diyquartzwrapbangle_inspirationI am always drawn to rough, organic crystals and gemstones rather than perfectly-faceted pieces, and much of the jewelry available at Free People satisfies that sparkle-lust. I fell in love with this Crystal Flame Cuff by Vega Jewelry, but the $258 price tag was much more than I could afford. I realized I could easily make the same kind of look for a steal – hence this project. (And it’s so, so quick to whip up!!) Here’s how I made my newest FAVORITE bracelet:

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DIY Gold Leaf Head Chain for Music Festivals

0.DIYleafheadchain_intro Whether you call them head chains, headbands, circlets, fairy head adornments, or hippie bands, these beautiful head adornments can be seen all throughout the Summer: at music festivals, on the beach, and at weddings. Growing up, I never saw them at all – the high school I went to was super-preppy, and I never knew anyone who rocked these. Then, at some point I started making them (mostly for this blog), and found that I loved them! I normally don’t dress very boho, but when I do, I feel these head adornments are a must for dressing up what usually feels like a very dressed-down ensemble to me. For me, the more jewelry the merrier! And I love the Medieval/Grecian princess vibe they add as well (Game of Thrones cosplay, anyone? ;-). There are so many DIY versions out there done with chain, but I wanted to take it to the next level with some pretty stampings instead. And it’s so easy to do! Here’s how:

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Don’t Buy, DIY!: Pamela Love Crystal Crescent Necklace

The organic quality to much of Pamela Love’s work captivates me.  I love the metals mixed with gemstones; the rough shapes coupled with geometry.  Trending this Fall are her fabulous pieces for Spring: rough-hewn, almost spiritual works.  This crescent-shaped necklace studded with gemstone points is surprisingly easy to make – and satisfyingly chic.

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Recent DIY Projects

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been neglecting to share things that I’ve made.  Here are a couple items that I’ve finished up and am enjoying:

Galaxy-Print Scrunchie

Make following this tutorial from some leftover self-designed galaxy-print fabric scraps.  I’m making a top with the fabric and since the tiny amount I bought was so goshdarn expesnive, I didn’t want to let any part of it go to waste.  The fabric is silk, backed in black mesh chiffon.  I should have made it twice as wide, but I only had so many scraps leftover.  It tends to slip out of my hair since it’s silk, so I wear it around a hair-tie.


Tribal Necklace

Made with faux bamboo-stick beads and faux coral beads from Michael’s.  I love the spiky organic-ness to it.


Bohemian Leaf Head-band (Head-dress?)

I’m not really a boho gal, but I couldn’t resist crafting this.  Take any flat-ish jewely finding that has a hole in either end, and string them together with jumprings to make an adornment for your brow.  The leaf findings I used only had one hole, so I drilled another one in the end of each piece.  Which took a $%##% long time, too.


Feather Earrings

Made in the style of Owlita.  (Theirs are much nicer, though!)  I just wired together some feathers and added a handmade ear-wire to them.  I love how they mingle in with my hair.

Have you made any projects recently that you’re dying to show off?  Do tell!



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DIY Fringed Boho Bag: Create Couture Challenge

Another project -this time a bag project- I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.  It’s a little bohemian and a whole lotta fun!


*Rust Suedette Fringe
*Gold Circle Studs
*Leather Flower Appliques

Additional Tools/Materials:

*faux suede handbag
*leather glue
*awl (optional)

[prep: remove embellishments on bag…I also cut the shoulder strap off and braided it, reattaching it to the bag]

1. Cut Suedette Fringe in half.

2. Apply leather glue to underside of fringe, and place just under the top edge of the bag.

3. Allow to dry.

4. Lift fringe up, and glue second layer of fringe underneath so the top fringe just barely overlaps it.

5. Push a Circle Stud through the center of each Leather Flower.

6. Apply flowers to bag, pushing the prongs of the studs through the bag, and using pliers to fold the prongs over on the inside.  If the material of the bag is very thick, an awl can be helpful to poke hole first.

7. If you prefer more security, add a thin layer of glue between the leather flowers and the bag in order to glue them down.

Let the 70’s come alive again!

Happy DIY’ing!


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