Hair: rolled in soft rollers, let dry overnight, back-brushed at the top, top half pulled back with a clip

Crystal Tower Earrings: JewelMint

Cut Back Blazer:

Copper Collar: H&M

Teach for the Sky Peplum Top:

Wallet Clutch Bag: Laguna Moon [Japanese brand]

Rings: Target, Claire’s, Cartier & Tiffany wedding rings

Bling Rhinestone Watch:

Weave Been There Skirt:

Sparkle tights: ? (similar here)

Cone-Heel Studded Ombre Pumps: Spiral Girl [Japanese brand]

I finally made my first Modcloth purchase recently – and couldn’t wait to share.

I had been wanting a peplum top for awhile – and after ordering from what seemed like the perfect one until it arrived and I tried it on (only to find it was way too short and ill-cut), I had despaired of ever finding it in 2012.

Modcloth had been on my radar for awhile but I had never made a purchase.  Slightly more expensive than Forever 21 and H&M, their price points are around Urban Outfitters – Zara or so.  I wondered if the quality of their items justified the slightly higher prices, or if it was just hype from their incredibly far-reaching social media campaigns.

So when I saw my dream peplum top (pleated, puff-sleeve – Ah, Matthew, the puffs!, and a cute little peplum, all in my coveted minty-seafoam color), the Teach for the Sky Top, I stuck it in my virtual shopping cart and browsed around on the site.  Before I could select something else to meet the Free Shipping requirement I had to put Lil Tot in the bath, and then I was too tuckered out and fell asleep.  The next morning when I went to purchase it, it was gone from my cart and sold out entirely!  I put myself on the waiting list and…just waited.

Finally, about a month later it came back in stock, and I didn’t hesitate this time.  I added a basket-weave sweater skirt (knit skirts and dresses are trending lately and I wanted to try one out), and checked out.

Soon after an adorable box arrived on my doorstep.  The design and graphics were awesome.

Photo From RunningwithaGlueGun.  Check out her cute DIY wall-hanging (in the same post) she made from the box too!

The quality of the two pieces, especially the Teach for the Sky Top, was excellent.  The top is maybe a little short for long-torsoed gals like me, but it’s made of a thick, wrinkle-resistant cotton blend, with a neck facing and back ribbon stay to prevent the shoulders from sagging out of shape.  I haven’t seen a ribbon stay in ages!  (A ribbon stay goes across the back of a top or dress to keep the garment’s shape when on the hanger, and the body.  Most often seen in vintage garments.)  And it just so happened the peplum top and the skirt totally coordinated with my favorite Spiral Girl platform cone heels.  Woohoo!

And now I’m hooked on Modcloth. From the ordering experience, to the very engaged and helpful customer reviews on their site, their addictive blog, their shipping box decorated with mushrooms, and even their 404 Error Page – all is branded and consisted with their whimsical, slightly retro feel.  It’s like entering a little world where everything is fun, there’s fashionable and loyal customers sharing their experience with you, and you end up with something cute at the end of your journey.

In other news, I just got this amazing Laguna Moon Wallet Clutch Bag shipped all the way from Japan to me.  Featured in Japanese mags since early Fall 2012, it’s now sold out everywhere (including the site Magaseek where I found it).  It has adorable compartments labeled with every item you could put in them.  I especially love the “Through Your Hand” label…as if it’s not immediately obvious!  These Japanese-isms always crack me up.;-)  Since the site doesn’t ship internationally, I utilized a forwarding service which I’m totally thrilled with…coverage to come soon.

Hope everybody had a great week…thank goodness it’s the weekend, right?


FTC disclaimer: I have not been paid a cent, or given anything, to talk about ModCloth.  This is my personal experience using my own money to buy from their site, and I just wanted to share what I found.


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