Hand-shredded T-shirt: Urban Revisions Etsy storeAngels Secret Embrace Push-Up bra: Victoria’s Secret.  Roxy Gray Jeans: Thrifted.  Fleece Cuffs: DIY. Heeled Combat Boots: Forever 21.

Day 1 in my personal 30 Days of Outfits Challenge!  So psyched!  (Though I may lose momentum later…I hope this “getting dressed nicely for today” thing will not end up becoming a chore.;-p
So Day 1 was technically yesterday: November 1.
And this is what I wore.

I’m in love with everything in Urban Revisions’ Etsy shop, and have had the designer on my radar for awhile.  If there’s one DIY technique I suck at, it’s shredding cotton!  My DIY shredded t-shirts are just NOT lovely.  I can’t seem to truly get the hang of it and am not able to create shreds where the vertical threads are still intact.  Well, I can, but it takes me 12+ hours for even a small amount of shredding.  Which is obviously not the way to go about it.

So anyway, I’ve been spying on Urban Revisions for awhile, hoping some pieces would go on sale.  And then I spotted with lovely hand-dyed peachy pink piece – and knew I had to have it!

Though technically it’s a sleeveless piece, the shredding has widened the collar and so now it sits on my upper arms.  It’s so sexy and edgy – normally I don’t walk around with my bra showing, but this just begs for it!  (My bra is the lovely Victoria Secret Angels Secret Embrace Bra in black.  I love that it has these subtle scalloped edges – so feminine and pretty!)  The top is super-long so it can be worn as a dress, beach cover-up, etc.  I chose to tuck it in just to change the shape around.  I’m so in love with peachy pink right now!

The gray cuffs you see above I made from the sleeves that I cut off the shirt when I made my Embellished V-Neck Sweater (tutorial here).  Last winter my mother-in-law gave me a pair of knit cuffs that were apparently all the rage in Japan – you can wear them peeking out from your coat, on top of a sweater, or over your shoes to add texture, color, and warmth.  Mine were black and I wore them practically every day until they pilled apart.  (I get exceptionally cold wrists and ankles during the winter.) 

I loved them, so I made another pair out of this beautiful gray fleece, which just consisted of folding the sleeve pieces under and sewing some elastic hidden in the fold

Then they stay secure on my wrists or ankles.  I put these on with my coat – they’re nice and warm, and act as my final bit of outerwear before going outside into the chilly Oregon weather.  Though as anklets I guess they might look better with skinny jeans, LOL!

Gold Eiffel Tower necklace, Oxidized Hematite Crystal 2-Finger ring, Wrapped Feather Ring: Forever21. Rock Candy Rose Quartz Ring: my own design, available here.  Gold Hinged Bracelets: bought in Japan.  Gold Watch: Vintage.

This outfit called for mostly gold jewelry, I felt.  My Forever 21 Eiffel Tower Necklace is my own little homage to my trip to France.;-)

Day 1…Done!


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