Geometric Metal “Gem” Earrings: ? (recent HauteLook purchase). Tiny Star Necklace: from Japan, similar here or here. Neon Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (similar here). DIY Chanel Leather Perforated Butterfly Bag: my DIY (tutorial here). Chain and Chiffon-trim Jacket: White House Black Market (from Ebay). D-Signed Girls’ Skirt: Target (from the Girls’ Department). Turquoise Spike Heels: Frederick’s of Hollywood (old); similar here.

On this day, Brooke and I headed out to the South Waterfront Park Garden to shoot near the Newport Seafood Grill (Portland’s Only Floating Restaurant! the sign proclaimed).

3.20.13outfit_OMSIIt’s quite a picturesque spot, right across the river from OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).3.20.13outfit_3

I was in Target the other day and spied this skirt in the little girls’ department. 3.20.13outfit_skirtdetail

I have no shame and will totally raid any department in any store if I see something that can be potentially styled effectively.  I hemmed and hawed over the light gray and mint green chiffon skirts, but finally settled on the black since it was vaguely reminiscent of some Miu Miu flowers I remember seeing on a dress one season.  Or maybe it was Prada.  In any case, the hot-fix nailhead appliques are not the most well-done I’ve ever seen, but paired with a tweedy jacket from White House Black Market and some pops of neon color I think it’s a little hard to tell that the skirt isn’t really for adults.  (It may be a little rumply since I was sitting in the car for awhile before taking the photos though;-)  Basically, if you’re anywhere from an XS to a S/M in adult sizes, you can probably also get away with Girls’ sizes (this skirt is an XL 14/16).  Since it’s stretchy, it fits fine.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that Girls’ clothing will be cut differently than adult women’s sizing; they usually aren’t very generous in the hips and butt area.  I could never fit into something if it weren’t stretchy – and if it were a fitted skirt, it would ride up way too much in the back!!


Taking my new DIY Chanel Perforated Leather Butterfly Bag for a spin.  Portentious of Springtime…though it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring here yet!!


My hair has FINALLY grown out to the length I’ve been aiming for these past 3+ years, and I’ve been wearing it down frequently.  I’m very much a wash-n-go girl when it comes to styling my hair when it’s down…I wash it at night with volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner, roll it up in a towel, and sleep on it.  The next morning I usually scrunch some surf paste texturizer into it and go; everything combines to give my hair this cray-cray waviness and tangliness that I love.  My hair never used to have this much body when I was younger; I think washing my hair less (only once every 3 days!) and getting a very layered cut, as well as changing shampoos really helped boost what have always been really limp locks for me.


Hope everyone had a lovely week!

Also: I will be at the Free People Portland store TOMORROW, from 2-4 PM, leading a DIY event. It’s totally free to participate; just call ahead (503-226-8099) to reserve your spot.  You will leave with a beautiful DIY gold-dipped quartz necklace! Hope to see you there!

All photos by the incomparable Brooke Morse.  Check out her website here!






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