Knit Cat Hat Beanie: freebie from Shibuya 109 Book Vol. 6 (similar here)

Mecha-Rake Ekusute in Long Curl (TGMX color): Priscila

Chain-and-rhinestone necklace: Forever 21 (similar here, or just DIY it by wrapping a bunch of different chain chokers around themselves, and hooking in a couple rhinestone links or beads)

Pyramid stud spiky necklace: DIY

Upside-down sweatshirt: Kai-aakmann (similar here)

Reversible vinyl clutch: freebie from Vivi magazine December 2012 issue

Leggings with attached legwarmers: My Honey Bee

Scrunchy velour boots: GoJane (old)

I’ve had a horrible cold for the last week or so, and Hub went to the Japanese market and brought home a present to make me feel better: the latest issue of my favorite magazine Vivi, and the latest issue of Shibuya-109 Book with included Cat Hat Beanie freebie!

I do so love my Japanese mags – especially all the freebies they come with.  In the U.S., with our paid subscription to Lucky or Vogue, we get a junky tote bag that reeks of plastic, made in China, sent to us in the mail 6-8 weeks later…in Japan, magazines come out with a monthly or 3-monthly freebie included in the pages between, shrink-wrapped, and sealed at the bookstore.  (I posted about my haul of freebies when I was in Tokyo awhile ago here.) I’ve gotten scrunchies, makeup pouches, tote bags, lounging shorts, necklaces, keychains, and now a Cat Hat beanie – just what I was coveting after DIY’ing my Cute Kitty Beret!

So because I love it – and because I’m feeling slightly feverish – I’ve been wearing it continuously.  It’s still close enough to Halloween that I’ve been able to pull it off, though Lil Tot has begged me not to wear it when taking him to school.  (Ah, embarrassing your children with your appearance…I’ve been waiting years to be able to do that…)  You can of course DIY your own Cat Hat Beanie, with knit instructions here, or with a pattern for a slightly different style here.  Or pick up your own Shibuya-109 Book with included Cat Hat Beanie at your Kinokuniya or bookstore that stocks foreign magazines, or even online here.  Sometimes Japanese mags do pop up on Ebay as well.

In addition, the November 2012 issue of Vivi Magazine had this cute little reversible colorblock vinyl clutch in it by Lily Brown, a fast-growing, affordable and trendy line in Japan.  It actually fits an iPad perfectly.I don’t have an iPad, so I may just stick a large pad of notepaper in it and pretend.

Cars band-aid courtesy of a little DIY mishap.

I still can’t figure out this Kai-Aakmann sweatshirt.  I think it’s supposed to be worn like this, except it pins my arms at my sides.  Maybe it’s upside-down…?

These are my favorite leggings…they have rib-knit scrunchy legwarmers sewn at the knees.  I love volume at the bottom of the legs, and they’re super-warm!  Totally DIY’able by sewing a pair of legwarmers onto your own leggings.

Spiky choker necklaces are all the rage this year, and I made my own with a little DIY.  You can now find long studded or spiky components (called necklace bar slides) at Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics even…but my necklace is made from a pulled-apart stretchy cuff bracelet from Forever 21.  Just find a cuff bracelet made of long bars, strung together. Then just re-string the bar components onto a thin elastic cord.  DIY in 5, I think…?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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