Thick-Framed Glasses, Love 21 Slinky Maxidress, Men’s Watch: Forever 21
Hammered Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings: Target
Faux leather jacket: Kitson (a recent HauteLook purchase)
Bow Bag: H&M
Manmade Goldstone Rock Candy Ring: my Etsy shop
Motorcycle Boots: Zara

I’ve been into maxidresses lately.  Perhaps it’s because my jeans aren’t fitting very well…?  I’ve been lax lately and stuck behind the computer, sitting, for hours at a time, so things are definitely expanding.  And maxidresses are way more forgiving.  Ah well – I’ll jump back on the exercise bandwagon again soon!

I couldn’t resist these glasses when I saw them at Forever 21. So nerdy!  Hub says they are completely unflattering on me and I look like I’m from the 80’s.  Well…I AM!  (Actually I’m from the 70’s if we must split hairs, but I only can remember the 80’s.)  Manrepeller #1: Thick-framed round nerd glasses!!

I finally made it out to Portland’s H&M (what can I say – I never hang around downtown much) – and this orangey-red bag was calling my name.

I thought it was a lot like this lipstick I found at Sephora – I was looking for a bright red with orange undertones…and this one (the color’s called “It Girl” – R06) was perfect!  It looks more red indoors, but appears very orangey-red in natural light.  Manrepeller #2: Orange lips!

I was so excited the other day when I realized my hair was finally long enough to put into a topknot!!  It seems I’ve been growing it out forever, and now it’s badly in need of a trim and a style.  So I’ve taken to wearing it back or in a ponytail…but now a topknot is within the realm of possibility!  Manrepeller #3: Topknots.  [with apologies to the iconic, the original ManRepeller for all the references.]  Yeehaw!

We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow…I have my fingers crossed that school will be cancelled so I can sit at home all day and work on all the projects that are piling up quickly…Can you believe it will be March in a week??  Egads!

I also have to get my serger fixed as all the chicken costumes I made for Lil Tot’s school play screwed up the machine and now the timing’s off.  Well, it hasn’t been serviced since 1995 so I guess it’s about time…But that means no sewing DIY’s for a little while…*phooey*

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!  Does anyone have any cool plans for the last week of February?


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