With New York Fashion Week just barely over – and London Fashion Week drawing to a close – there has been creativity and Fashion with a capital F in the air.

To celebrate, Fiber One Bars and Brownies (the official snack of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) has teamed up with Celebrity Style Expert Bobbie Thomas to encourage consumers to show their “great taste” through the first-ever Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge.

What is the Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge? you may ask…

A DIY Challenge to create your own stylish accessory case or pouch to hold snacks on-the-go…or even to use as a clutch on its own!

Fiber One sent me a kit with some supplies to get started…

But I went to town on the challenge and sourced my own materials to trick out that sunglasses case even more…and made a beautiful, chic case that can even accompany me to the most dressed-up events.  (…like….Fashion Week….?!)  Here’s how:

How to Make a DIY Flowered “Snackcessory” Clutch

(It’s basically the same principle as the DIY Jewelry Box Clutch I featured a little while back.)

You Need:

hard-sided sunglasses case  /  mini-knob  /  small fake flowers (a variety of 3-4 different types in a similar color palette)  /  E6000 glue (optional, depending on your case material)  /  hot glue + glue gun

Tools: electric drill with small drillbit  /  scissors (not shown)

How To:

1. Drill a hole in one side of the case, near the closing seam.

2. Push the screw for the knob from the inside, and screw the knob onto it, using the screwdriver to hold the screw still while you twist the knob.  Secure that knob tight!

3. Pull the flowerheads off of the stems, and snip off a couple small leaves for a little greenery.

4. Snip off the plastic underside of the flowers so they will lie flat.  It’s easiest to do a whole bunch all at once, and then progress on to the gluing stage.

5. Spread glue on a small area of the clutch, and start pushing the flowers into the glue.  I first started with E6000, and realized it didn’t “grab” onto the flowers as much as I wanted, so switched over to hot glue, which worked a lot better.

6. Use more hot glue in-between the petals, and push the flower petals into it to cover up the original color of the case if it’s showing through.

7. Cover the front of the case completely with flowers, and move on to the back and do the same.  Remember to test opening and closing your case as you go to prevent gluing your case shut by mistake.  Remove any stray gluey strings once dry.

And that’s it!  Super-easy, and lovely to behold as-is…there’s no way I’m hiding this away in my bag!  The perfect size to fit credit card, keys, a lip gloss, and a Fiber One bar (I’m partial to the peanut butter one, myself!) for a night out.  You can even add a chain to use it as a teensy-tiny shoulder bag!

Are you guys inspired to make your own?  Well, have at!

Now through September 30, 2012, consumers can visit FiberOne.com and submit a photo and 100-word description of their original Snackcessory design. Consumers who enter their design will have a chance to win great prizes, including:

  • One Grand Prize winner will be awarded a trip for two to New York City to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2013
  • Nine contest finalists will each be awarded one $500 gift card for a handbag of their choice

Bobbie Thomas will help select the top 10 finalists, who will be announced in October, and Fiber One will post their designs in an online gallery for public voting. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced in November 2012.


Good luck, you guys… and Happy DIY’ing!



FTC Disclosure: I was provided a kit to create my own Fiber One Snackcessory, which included an sunglasses case, a can of spray adhesive, a plastic baggie, loose glitter, and two Fiber One bars.  I have not been compensated in any other way for this post, and the opinions expressed above are my own.  To read my full Disclosure Policy, click here.



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