DIY Flowered “Snackcessory” Box Clutch

With New York Fashion Week just barely over – and London Fashion Week drawing to a close – there has been creativity and Fashion with a capital F in the air.

To celebrate, Fiber One Bars and Brownies (the official snack of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) has teamed up with Celebrity Style Expert Bobbie Thomas to encourage consumers to show their “great taste” through the first-ever Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge.

What is the Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge? you may ask…

A DIY Challenge to create your own stylish accessory case or pouch to hold snacks on-the-go…or even to use as a clutch on its own!

Fiber One sent me a kit with some supplies to get started…

But I went to town on the challenge and sourced my own materials to trick out that sunglasses case even more…and made a beautiful, chic case that can even accompany me to the most dressed-up events.  (…like….Fashion Week….?!)  Here’s how:

How to Make a DIY Flowered “Snackcessory” Clutch

(It’s basically the same principle as the DIY Jewelry Box Clutch I featured a little while back.)


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