0.diydaisyapplique_introphotoIt seems like an age since I posted I posted about Daisy-Print Inspiration here on the blog…but yes, this print is still trending amongst street style and retailers lately. I DIY’d an oversized sweatshirt in this neat pattern, and though it may be a little out of season by now, you can always do this on a more lightweight material. diydaisyapplique_done2Plus you can customize the flowers exactly how you want! Here’s how:

You Need:

diydaisyapplique_materialswhite felt  /  yellow felt  /  fabric scissors  /  marking chalk  /  needle and yellow thread  /  Heat n Bond  /  iron & ironing board  /  Daisy Pattern PDF  /  scissors  /  pins

How To:     diydaisyapplique_step1 1. Print the Daisy Pattern PDF on your printer at home (no scaling). Cut out the pattern pieces.

2. Trace the flower piece onto the white felt, and the center onto the yellow felt. Repeat for as many flowers as you’d like, and cut out.

3. Hand-baste the yellow centers to the white flowers. This will secure them properly.

diydaisyapplique_step24. Affix Heat n Bond to the underside of the white flowers following the instructions.

5. Cut out around the flowers.

6. Peel off the backing, and use the iron to fuse the flowers to your sweatshirt.

diydaisyapplique_done4And that’s it! Super-cute and utterly affordable, this piece can totally elevate your wardrobe effortlessly. I chose to cover only the front of the sweatshirt with the flowers, and added about 3 per sleeve since they were so large.diydaisyapplique_done1diydaisyapplique_done2diydaisyapplique_done3

What do you think? Serving up total 60’s Mary Quant realness? 😉

Happy DIY’ing!




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