DIY Faux Stingray Box Clutch with Tulip Neon 3D Paints

0.diyneonstingrayclutch_introphotoSpring is almost sprung – and what better way to usher out those Winter blahs than with beautiful pops of color? Add a bright center to a faux stingray textured clutch with Tulip Neon 3D Paints from i Love to Create and add a dose of fun into your evening (or prom!) accessories. diyneonstingrayclutch_done4(Plus it creates the look of elegant stingray skin – without any of the unsustainability and cruelty of the shagreen industry.) (more…)

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DIY Flowered “Snackcessory” Box Clutch

With New York Fashion Week just barely over – and London Fashion Week drawing to a close – there has been creativity and Fashion with a capital F in the air.

To celebrate, Fiber One Bars and Brownies (the official snack of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) has teamed up with Celebrity Style Expert Bobbie Thomas to encourage consumers to show their “great taste” through the first-ever Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge.

What is the Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge? you may ask…

A DIY Challenge to create your own stylish accessory case or pouch to hold snacks on-the-go…or even to use as a clutch on its own!

Fiber One sent me a kit with some supplies to get started…

But I went to town on the challenge and sourced my own materials to trick out that sunglasses case even more…and made a beautiful, chic case that can even accompany me to the most dressed-up events.  (…like….Fashion Week….?!)  Here’s how:

How to Make a DIY Flowered “Snackcessory” Clutch

(It’s basically the same principle as the DIY Jewelry Box Clutch I featured a little while back.)


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DIY Jewelry Box Clutch with Finished Sateen Lining

So how fantastic was Honestly, WTF‘s reinvention of the sunglasses case into a DIY Alexander McQueen-inspired box clutch last year?  I think it’s safe to say that we all loved it – and all went out to the nearest store in search of a hard-sided sunglasses case forthwith.

However, I got to thinking: why not use something that may already be in your closet to make this?

Enter the velveteen jewelry box: often when we ladies receive or buy a piece of beautiful jewelry, it’s housed in its own velour-lined box.  And those boxes are so pretty!  Why not reinvent them?

I’ve held on to most of my velour jewelry boxes, not because I use them to store jewelry in still (I use flocked jewelry trays that stores use in their display cases), but because I thought to use them again somehow.  And some of them were sentimental to me.Take this shell-shaped velour box – it used to hold a string of my grandmother’s pearls that I received when she passed away.  The insides of the box had gotten old, deformed, stained, and crumbly over time…but the outside was still quite pretty.  I thought it very Art Deco.  And so decided to give it a second life, as a pretty box clutch.  Here’s how I did it: (more…)

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