Sometimes elevating a Summer tee from plain to something more requires a bit of sparkle.  Using sequin trim to create t-shirt details that don’t exist makes for a fun and unique piece that looks lovely paired with skirts and dressier shorts – and a t-shirt that’s a little more chic than your average white tee.  And it’s super-simple!  Here’s how to make your own:

You Need:

t-shirt  /  sequin trim in your choice of color  /  fabric chalk  /  Embellish It! fabric glue  /  paper  /  pen  /  scissors  /   hand-sewing needle & matching thread (optional)

How to: 1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface.  Use a piece of paper to sketch half of the Peter Pan-style collar, and cut out to create your template.

2. Draw around the collar template with fabric chalk, flipping over to create the other side of the collar.  Also add two faux “buttons” as circles on the front of the tee, and a fake “pocket” if you like.

3. Spread fabric glue over the lines you drew and very carefully place the sequin trim in the glue.

Flip the shirt over and glue down the trim at the back once the front is dry enough to stay in place.  Overlap the ends of the trim a little, then trim down once the glue has dried a little.

4.  Allow to dry enough so the sequins aren’t sliding around on top of the glue, but not enough so the glue has hardened completely.  Use your needle and thread to further tack down the ends where the trim meets itself with a couple hand-stitches.  (You can see that I switched out the thread to a color to match my sequin trim rather than my t-shirt when I realized how obvious the black thread would look.)


You’re done!

It’s amazing how just a simple tee can be jazzed up with a little bit of sparkle.  Try adding any details you want, including front plackets, different-shaped buttons, interesting collars, or faux seams.  You can even try different types of trim, or even beads on a string like my Bead-Edged Cut-Out Shoulder Top tutorial here!  (You may have to hand-stitch the trim down if it is bulky and heavy like the beads on a string.)

Happy DIY’ing!



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