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So I posted about these Junko-Watanabe flower-basket-like confections on FashionTribes.com quite a while ago….

flowershoes1 And I wanted to post photos and a how-to for what I made, inspired by said flowery things.

Everything’s coming up flowers in the garden…the rhododendrons are beginning to drop…I have a mutant foxglove that’s like 9 feet tall…my rosebushes are slowly succumbing to rose-slugs….but whatcha gonna do. I made these for my feet in-between all the yardwork – and they’re completely maintenance-free.

flowershoes3Here’s how I did it: (sorry for no step-by-step photos; I figured it was self-explanatory;-)

1. To get the look, pick up some inexpensive nude wedge sandals (try Payless, Go Jane, Target, Dorothy Perkins, Charlotte Russe, Topshop) with an earthy or natural vibe such as bamboo or jute espadrille. (Mine are very similar to what I think was I think a Gucci style from like 2003…remember that bamboo heel? Well, they’re TwoLips, and the heel is plastic, so to make it look more bamboo-y, I drew little vertical lines on the heels with my Sharpie.  I just love the result!)

2. Using faux flowers from the craft store (Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics, where I grabbed a bunch of morning glories for $2.99), cut and attach to the undersides of the straps and twine them around the heels, affixing with a glue gun.

3. Keep the flower stems from rubbing on the inside of your straps with a strip of moleskin.

4. To prevent unraveling (cuz that’s a lot of strain in a flower stalk that’s technically not supposed to be bent that much!), secure by wrapping the heels with green floral wire here and there (which I realized I forgot to do *before* I took the photo, hello!).

flowershoes2For maximum impact, wear with a breezy frock or sassy short shorts…or a flowered frock for total floral overload!!

Easy, breezy, Springy, and totally chic!  What do you think?

Happy DIY’ing!




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