Recently I’ve been playing around with the half-moon manicure.  Though I’ve tried it free-hand (with an uber-steady hand) before with middling results, I found that using those sticker color dots from the office supply store work just perfectly for this purpose.  (I’m sure they’re useful for other things besides fancy nail art manicures…but I haven’t used them for anything else yet!;)

It’s easiest to lay down a double coat of your base color (what will end up as your half-moon color).  Then, once the base color is bone dry (this is really important; it has to be totally dry and non-tacky!) lay the top half of a circle sticker over your nail at the half-moon area.  Stick it down well, paying attention to the sides of the sticker.  Then finish up with 1-2 coats of the main nail color.  I peeled the stickers off while the top color was still wet; it left little ridges in the manicure so I might try this again but wait until the top color is dry before peeling off to see if the results fare better.  In any case, seal with a clear topcoat and you have an elegant but understated chic manicure that looks pretty unique too!

Colors used: Essie Nail Color in Mamba for the half-moon and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement for the main color.


What colors do you think would look good together?

Happy polishing!


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