Hair: rolled back at the sides and secured at the back in an under-roll with bobby pins

Faux Gem Studs: Forever 21

3 rings gold necklace: 100yen shop (Tokyo)

Silver Studded Cardigan: DIY of a Forever 21 cardigan (tutorial here)

Long Ruffled Tank: ShopAKIRA

Rings: Tiffany, Cartier, mocha, unknown

Metallic Skinny Belt: Forever 21

Black Jeggings: UNIQLO

Grey Cable Socks: Target…?

Leather Boot-Covers: DIY (tutorial here)

Wedge-Heel Booties: Forever 21 (thrifted)

Manicure: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Winter Funderland

I always try to dress up a bit on days I have class since it allows me to pull out and enjoy some of my favorite things from my closet.

Thursdays I go to school early and try to get as much homework done for the week as I can in the labs there.  I’ve finally finished my Powerpoint class (yawn), but my Flash class requires the projects to be done in CS5, and I only have CS3 on my home computer.  I’m hoping CS6 comes out soon (and while I’m still a student) so I can upgrade.  And actually afford the upgrade.

I have Maya in the afternoons.  I feel the same sort of aversion towards Maya as I felt towards ninth grade Geometry.  Unlike my Geometry class, though, my Maya class is taught by a really good instructor.  But I’m sooooo not into 3D modeling.  I can’t explain it.  I just finished modeling a table and now we’re working on NURBS modeling.   I’m working on a still life that involves an egg, a spoon, and a Lego.  (The Lego obviously not as a NURBS.)  Blech.

I love this AKIRA Black Label tank/dress thing because of all the asymmetrical cascading ruffles.  It looks lovely and unique poking out of the bottom of cardies and jackets.  I wish it was still available so I could scoop one up in black, but ShopAKIRA has some other items that are similar.  You could also make something like this by sewing long ruffles in different lengths to the hem of a tank.  Just sayin.’

I love these boot-covers I DIY’d last year; they’re so perfect to convert things to a midi-length boot!!  I think I might even make some in a longer knee-length.  They do slide up and down a bit as I walk.

These earrings (from Forever 21) are my new fave.  They look like rhinestone studs – but are oversized and a really unique shape.  People couldn’t stop commenting on them.  They’re a little heavy, though – so I’ll probably have to change out the backs to the kind that support heavier earrings.

As usual, I was photobombed while trying to document the outfit!

I’m loving this limited-edition Winter Funderland color in the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  It’s a black base with tiny flecks of silver glitter and larger flecks of silver and turquoise glitter  Like it’s snowing at night!Hope everyone had a great week!  (And no, I didn’t do that to my son; he just wanted to wear his hoodie backwards in the photo, lol)


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