Pink-lined angle sunglasses: from the Buffalo Exchange
Printed Bird Tea dress: MissSelfridge.com
Chain n rhinestone jumble necklace: Forever 21 (not on website, but here is something similar)
Bird pendant necklace: Walmart…?
Atlas ring: Tiffany’s
Studded wide fabric ring: DIY
Convertible cashmere wrap: Arden B. (similar here)
Pink suede belt: Old Navy
Pleat-front crepe trousers: Thrifted and altered to pegged and tapered
Snakeskin-print slingback platform heels: Metro7 (Walmart)

photo above from the Lavender Tea House website

The other day we visited the Lavender Tea House in Sherwood, OR – a little, out-of-the-way wannabe English tea house.  (I’ve never been to an authentic one in England…or at least I don’t remember it since I’ve only been to England once when I was 10.)  When I was a kid in NJ, there was the most wonderful, very-close-to-authentic English tea room called Sally Lunn’s Tea Room in Chester, NJ near where I grew up.  I would beg my mother to take me there, though we only were able to go a few times in all the years we lived nearby.  It was lovely- beautiful antiques on the walls, handmade pies from scratch, 20 different types of tea, and of course, the scones.  (The best invention known to man…or at least sweet-lovers like myself!)  Later they exapanded to a Princeton, NJ location, not far from the University.  I haven’t been in years – I think the last time I went was in 2004 – but it was lovely…I had the Ploughman’s Lunch there (a huge hunk of cheese, handmade pickle, rustic bread…and of course, a scone.)  If you’re ever near one of their locations, I urge you to visit.  The website is above and menu is here if you are interested.

Back to the Lavender Tea House.  Not quite such an experience – though they are quite established here, they haven’t gone all out on the antique decor or expanded their menu much.  I’m not really a “tea connoisseur” either so their vast menus of teas makes little impression on me.  (Hub noted that it is an “old lady’s restaurant” and that he was the only male every time we’ve ever been!) 

 But the scones – with strawberry preserves and clotted cream – are wonderful! 

 Lil Tot had a kid’s lunch that had cheese finger sandwiches, some with sprinkles pressed on them!!  (That I found a little strange.) 

 Anyway, the scones were the most delicious.

So here’s what I wore: I have been wanting a bird-printed chiffon dress or romper for a long time since I saw them on the Miss Selfridges website…I hadn’t wanted to go through the whole rigmarole of ordering through them (I’d had some problems in the past), and endeavored to find some bird-printed chiffon at the fabric store, or maybe a Korean knock-off dress on Ebay or Storets.  No such luck…so I eventually ordered from Miss Selfridge…ran into a problem…had to reorder after an annoying phone call to them…and eventually got my package more than 2 weeks later.  Ugh.  They really have to get their customer service and ordering process up to par with places like ASOS.com!!  Anyway.


So I love this little bird-dress – it’s a bit short, and today I am wearing it as a top, tucked in to my pants.  I didn’t tuck it in all the way, and thought it looked nicer like that.


The cashmere wrap below is apparently convertible and tie-able in alot of different ways, but I usually don’t bother.  I always think of New York Fashion Week when I wear it since I was wearing it for my very first NYFW and spilled hot cocoa on the sleeve running to get to a show in the slushy snow!


These glasses are so cool – the insides are pink – found at the Buffalo Exchange for $8.  (Though I could get a similar pair for $5.80 from Forever 21!  Tho they’re not pink on the insides…)


The Atlas Ring (on my left hand, barely visible oops) is the engagement ring I gave to Hub some…oh, 6 years ago.  He never wears it since he only wears his wedding ring, so he gave it to me awhile back.

I thought the bird necklace was appropriate to go with the top!


I love this jumbled-up rhinestone-and-chain necklace from Forever 21 too!  (In my case…Forever 31??? LOL)

Hope you guys had  a great weekend too!


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