Yes, this is my closet.  I store vests and cardis over dresses and blouses, and necklaces over that.  Basically 3 things to a hanger.  It’s scary.

Like many people, I have a whole lotta clothing in my closet I rarely wear.  Day after day (since my routine is pretty much the same), I usually default to tried-and-true clothing combinations and outfits.  As a result, when I look into my closet I see so many pieces I haven’t worn for awhile.  One month stretches into two, then more…and I realize I haven’t worn stuff for 6 months to a year or more, simply because I’ve gotten into a fashion rut.

Well, you know what I need to break me out of it??  A CHALLENGE!

For 30 days for the month of November, I’m challenging myself to wear a completely-different, heretofore forgotten outfit each day, never wearing the same thing twice.  (How will this help? you may ask.  Well, it will remind me how much I love certain pieces that I’ve forgotten about.  And stimulate my creativity.  And help me clean out and purge that ol’ closet of mine.  And help me be a better style blogger, since I post outfits only once in a blue moon.)

From now until November 30, I’ll be challenging myself to put together a unique outfit each day – and wear it all darn day, even if I’m just sitting on the living room couch, blogging and watching Law & Order: SVU reruns.  And each of my outfits will contain something I’ve made or DIY’ed!  This is a perfect chance for me to share with all of you some tutorials and ideas I haven’t gotten around to yet.

So, would anybody like to attempt the challenge with me? Do it until the end of November, wait until December, only do a week, whatever!   Let me know in the comments and I’ll link to your blog!  It’s just a bit of fun and some motivation to truly express your style.:-)


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