So, my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge is over…where I challenged myself to wear something from the recesses of my closet (that I had pretty much forgotten) every day, always incorporating something handmade or DIY into the outfit.  I had a lot of fun with playing with my closet, which really reminded me that I need to do that more often.  And to wear things I’ve made.  Oftentimes I’ve make something and then forget to wear it, or I just enjoyed the process of making it so much, I never realized it wasn’t really my style.  But that’s good – it’s helped me clean out a lot of items in my closet that aren’t “my style.”

So what is my style? And how many DIY items did I incorporate into my outfits?

Well, let’s take a look back…(handmade and DIY items are listed and linked where appropriate, from left to right)

Day 1: DIY legwarmer cuffs / handmade Rock Candy ring
Day 2: handmade reversible zip dress / handmade studded ring band
Day 3: handmade reversible studded dress
Day 4: DIY Vice & Vanity Necklace / DIY Pour La Victoire Lace Bodysuit / DIY Swarovski crystal Spike Ring


Day 5: DIY Chanel Fabric Marker T-Shirt / DIY Margaret Nicole knit clutch
Day 6: DIY Convertible Blouson Top / DIY Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets
Day 7: DIY Michael Kors Sleeveless Coat / handmade beaded ring


Day 9: handmade convertible jacket / handmade goldstone necklace
Day 10: DIY turban / DIY Studded Warrior Belt / handmade beaded bracelets / handmade studded ring
Day 11: handmade chiffon top / DIY J. Crew Rhinestone Necklaces / DIY cropped trousers
Day 12: DIY plaid shirt / DIY Scribble Tee / DIY Zipper-Detail Jeans


Day 13: DIY Band Jacket / handmade leggings / handmade whipped cream heart pendant


Day 15: handmade crocheted chain necklace / DIY Convertible Button Skirt (tute coming soon)
Day 16: DIY studded beret / DIY pearl-detail gloves


Day 17: DIY Miu Miu Scarf / handmade jumble charm kiltpin
Day 18: handmade frill-detail top / DIY geometric necklace
Day 19: DIY Studded Cardigan / DIY Lacy Vest-Dress / handmade ACS bean necklace / DIY Shoe Elastics
Day 20: DIY Fur-Hooded Jacket / DIY T-shirt Tote (tutorial in next issue of Snippets)


Day 21: DIY pierced rose brooch / handmade pyrite and spike rings / DIY Wrap Curtain Skirt (tute coming soon)
Day 22: DIY Smock Dress (tute coming soon) / handmade Vinyl & Snaptape Belt
Day 23: DIY Hybrid Sweater (tute coming soon) / DIY Alexander Wang Stirrup Socks (tute coming soon)
Day 24: DIY pocket watch necklace / handmade bracelet / DIY ribbon belt / altered dress
Day 25: DIY Waterfall Knit Necklace / DIY Fur Shoulder Accessory


Day 26: DIY Ring-Detail Hat / DIY Shirt Collar & Cuffs
Day 27: handmade chain earcuff / DIY WORD! Velcro Tee (tute coming soon) / DIY Distressed Cutoff Shorts (tute coming soon)
Day 28: DIY mesh-and-rhinestone earrings (will be in next issue of Snippets) / DIY Bow Tunic Dress / DIY Maribou Feather Clutch (tute coming soon)
Day 29: DIY scarf-bow hair clip / DIY feathered bangles / Refitted Shirt / DIY mailbox number necklace (tute coming soon) / DIY Alexander Wang skirt


Day 30: DIY crystal stud earrings / DIY magazine clutch purse / handmade Swarovski rhinestone cut-out back dress

It’s interesting to see every day laid out like that…It’s also amusing to see my garden and the Fall leaves in full time-elapse glory…and to see me relegated to my kitchen as the weather got progressively worse throughout the month.;-)

So what’s my style? I sure love black, and patterns that are variations on stripes…gray, white, pink, and blue are some other fave colors…I prefer separates to dresses, I love lots of crazy accessories, high heels, and posing with my legs crossed, staring off to the right…;-)

What does your daily fashion say about YOU?

Though it’s been surprisingly easy to style my outfits (and fun!), the sheer work of the photographing, editing, uploading, and posting an outfit each day was staggering.  Total props to Jessica of WhatIWore or some of the people on – because to do this daily is such a huge time commitment!!

Because of doing this daily, this meant I couldn’t do any DIY’ing, and barely had the time or stamina to post any other content on this blog during November.  Plus a lot of my other projects languished during this month, so now I have to put my nose to the grindstone and dive back into them.  And there’s still a pile of DIY’s and projects I’m dying to get to!

So now back to prioritizing…

I hope you guys enjoyed this 30 Days of Outfits and inspired you to pull out some things in your closet you rarely wear and see how you can mix things up!  (Plus add a little DIY to your life…;-)

Thanks for following along!
P.S. I know some of you really liked this…I may attempt this again in the future…when the holidays *gulp* are completely over with;-)

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