Chiffon-Inset Top: handmade by me.  Knit armwarmers: Claire’s.  Silver Geometric Necklace: handmade by me.  Two-finger rings: Forever 21.  Ripped Beanpole Jeans: Insight. Sia Wedge Booties;

Day 18 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 18.  Still at home while Lil Tot recuperates.

The top is an original design of mine – if I were to make more, the pattern definitely needs some tweaks, but I love that it’s businesslike but feminine at the same time.  It’s made of lightweight suiting with a chiffon inset at the waist.

The necklace I also made, following the tutorial here by ddlai from Fatlace, who was DIY’ing a necklace she saw at Eryn Birnie.  Made from a whole bunch of sterling silver beads from the bead store – super-fun and a very striking result.

Of course, it’s November, so I need some arm-warmers to brave the temperatures.;-)

I love these jeans – I just don’t wear them enough.  I won them in a giveaway from Ladylike x Fatlace last year.  The denim is incredibly high-quality and truly keeps its shape.

I hope everybody has some fantastic plans for the weekend!  Our shoot for the pilot for this new web series is on Saturday!!  (I’m doing set dressing and production design – and I made a Shakespearean hat!)


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