So my outfit including the Priorities Navy Gabardine Boyfriend Vest ($90, has already been posted to and…please vote for me! (And be entered to win a $1000 shopping spree!)

But, always being the overachiever, I decided to style this vest in a number of different outfits since it is incredibly versatile.

Outfit #1
With The Boyfriend Husband Jean. Methinks they’re a bit too baggy, but what the hey.
(Old Navy tee, H&M belt, Newport-News patent clutch, Claire’s leather wristband, Lucky horseshoe pendant necklace worn as a bracelet, Hub’s Banana Republic jeans, Colin Stuart Sexy Stiletto pumps)


Outfit #2
The precursor to the outfit I submitted for the competition. I decided the jeans had to be skinnier-cut in order for the outfit to work.
(QoJelly convertible chiffon top, Yukester necklaces, XOXO studded bag folded over, vintage wristwatches, Paris Blues jeans, Bakers Shoes shield sandals)


Outfit #3
Channeling Cyndi Lauper.
(DIY ribbon-wrapped Claire’s plastic necklace, bandeau bra, vintage ruffled tutu, Newport-News high-waisted skirt, Spiral Girl platform pumps)


Military-style. Why is a vest categorized as “outerwear” when you wear it inside your coat/jacket? Wear it on top: outerwear over outerwear!
(Kenneth Cole trenchcoat and trenchcoat belt, skirt you can barely see so who cares, vintage thigh-high boots)


Ruffled silly.
(faux leather jacket from Japan, handmade beaded necklace…DIY tutorial here….F21 ruffled top, Old Navy belt, thrift store pants I DIY’ed into cropped harems, Bakers Shoes shield sandals)

I certainly could have worn it over a coordinating slim skirt for office-appropriate attire, or open over a white tee and destroyed jeans. But that’s so expected!

How would you have styled the vest?



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