Hair: with Priscila Virgin Straight Extensions, braided into a low side French braid

Convertible Chiffon Top: Qojelly (from Marui 2, in Tokyo)

Rings: Limited Edition Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume ring, Love knuckleduster from Icing, Star pinky ring from Tokyo

Acid-Wash Skinny Jeans in Mint with belt: Forever 21

Glitter Canvas Flatforms: GoJane

Finally the weather’s been nice enough here to break out my new flatforms!!I swear, the weather this week has been totally cray-cray.  It snowed buckets on Monday night, leaving tons of snow on the ground Tuesday and Wednesday, and then it snowed again late Wednesday, which froze on the ground Thursday and ended up with Lil Tot’s and my school both having a 2-hour delayed start.  (You can see all the broken branches behind me from the heavy snows breaking them off our tree!!)  Then Friday the morning starts out cloudy, overcast, and typically unpromising, and then around noon it gets sunny and beautiful – practically balmy!  Yesterday was the same, so I finally got to wear the flatforms I’ve been so excited about.  I mean, it was about 40 degrees Tue-Wed-Thurs, then Friday it was mid-fifties, then yesterday it was 64 degrees!  People were wandering around wearing shorts and tanktops.  Funny that when we lived in Honolulu, at 64 degrees people were wearing cardigans and long pants.  (Or maybe that was just me…?;-)  Anyway.

I found the flatforms surprisingly comfortable and easy-to-walk in because they have an ankle strap; I just have to be careful of my foot slipping around sideways in the shoe, which can cause me to topple over.  I went down half a size for these flatforms and I’m glad I did.

I felt the light sorbet colors to the flatforms deserved a similar palette for the rest of my clothing, so I paired them with a convertible top from QoJelly (one of my favorite Japanese brands; now it’s called Romar Quee [I liked the name Qojelly a lot better, LOL]).  It has these strings on the side that have chiffon attached; you can tie them up in a variety of ways and scrunch the chiffon accordingly.  I chose to tie the strings at the back of my neck and make it into a drapey-front tanktop-style piece.

I recently bought these jeans from Forever 21 and though I love the color, the fit is most definitely off.  (All the reviews talked about how they were super-big and you have to go down a size, so I did, but I guess that didn’t apply for my size.)  I’m torn whether to keep them as something to work towards (since I’ve started a consistent workout routine again), or whether it’s useless to keep something trend-driven that demands being worn now, when I really can’t wear them without my thighs screaming.  That part of me always loses weight excruciatingly slowly, so it could be 6 months until I fit into these well.  I’m going to try on the larger size and see which to go for.

This is my attempt at the DIY Katniss Braid. (Has anyone seen Hunger Games yet?  Is it good?  I may have to sneak in a viewing once Lil Tot is back in school!)  Like a couple of the commenters on the linked Refinery29 slideshow, I felt it would look better if the top half of the hair were integrated into the French braid.  I don’t have enough hair to really do it properly, so I added extensions for more length.  I’m loving this sweet take on the French braid!Nails are Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink-A-Dot

I handed in all 5 projects that I had due last week, and just completed my Fri/all-day-Saturday class.  Thank goodness this semester’s done…I’m totally burned out!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!



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