Oversized Sunnies: Jeans Warehouse. Imperfect gold earrings: maygloba. Copper choker: H&M. Cloak-Designed Long T-Shirt in Landscape Print: Choies.com. GLAMOROUS Magazine Clutch: DIY. Rings: HauteLook, H&M. Rose-gold Crystal Watch: DailyLook. Wide Copper Cuff: ASOS (similar here). Convertible Midi-length dress (worn as skirt): Norma Kamali. Strappy suede heels: Abaete for Payless.


Today Brooke and I ventured to the Salmon Street Springs in the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a lovely park that skirts the waterfront of the Willamette River that splits Portland in two.  Notwithstanding minor parking issues (like a designated 15-minute zone) and heels that I found offered no metatarsal support (like none whatsoever! How I keep forgetting to implement shoe inserts in these is beyond me), we still captured some great pictures in the early morning light. outfit4.11.13_fountainoutfit4.11.13_topoutfit4.11.13_rings For this outfit I decided to throw conventional fashion wisdom to the wind and mix ALL my metals (like I normally do, I admit): a copper choker collar with silver-tipped nails, brassy yellow-gold electroplated gem cluster ring with rose gold watch. I used to only wear metals in one hue [silver], and have now graduated to wearing them in all different tones, all at once.  The more, the merrier!outfit4.11.13_top2outfit4.11.13_top3I fell in love with this Choies.com top the moment I saw it…I have such a weakness for photorealistic prints! (Probably dating back to when I fell in love with a gigantic strawberry-print fabric I spied in a Japanese fabric shop back in 1998 or so…there’s just something about photorealism and fabric printing that seem incongruous, but as of late, high fashion.)  outfit4.11.13_pipesoutfit4.11.13_halfI thought the print on this top looked like a desert scene; Brooke commented that it looked like a roadtrip of some sort. In any case, the top is convertible (which I also am a sucker for), and you can wear it spread out or pulled forward like a drapey scarf, or even with the fabric cascading down your back. outfit4.11.13_backI believe if you were tiny (and daring!) enough, you could wear this as a mini-dress, but alas, not for me.


Lately I’ve been taking a step back and really trying to assess this blog and what I want to do with it. Do I re-brand? Do I expand? Do I eliminate? Do I grow? To what purpose? And how? outfit4.11.13_ringsandhalfIt’s a tough question, and of course no one has the right answers for me…this is something I have to puzzle through myself. I just have to do a great deal of soul-searching, figure everything out, consolidate, and simplify.

outfit4.11.13_shoesPretty much the prescription for life in general.


All photos by the talented and wonderful Brooke Morse. Check out her site and send her some love!


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