The organic quality to much of Pamela Love’s work captivates me.  I love the metals mixed with gemstones; the rough shapes coupled with geometry.  Trending this Fall are her fabulous pieces for Spring: rough-hewn, almost spiritual works.  This crescent-shaped necklace studded with gemstone points is surprisingly easy to make – and satisfyingly chic.

You Need:

*2 crescent necklaces (I used two from Forever 21 [sorry, not available online]) that both had a soldered chain at the bottom, which dictated how I would join the front to the back.  If you don’t have that soldered chain, the Apoxie sculpt will in fact hold both sides together fairly well from the inside.  If you can’t find a crescent necklace whatsoever, you can also try using shapes from the Metal Dapping section at Michael’s, or even embossing metal sheets from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The embossing metal is quite soft, so you will have to be careful with your finished piece and allow the Apoxie to fully support the crescent shapes from the inside.)

*black Apoxie Sculpt (if you don’t have access to this, you could conceivably use air-drying clay to stuff the inside of the crescent, but I would worry that it wouldn’t adhere properly to the smooth sides of the gemstones.  I think you might have to layer on some resin on top of the clay to truly affix them.)

*crystal points (I used fluorite)

*thin wire matching necklace color [if your necklaces have something to wire together, like holes or chain at the bottom like mine]


*wire-cutting pliers

*regular pliers

*plastic gloves (optional)


How to:

1. I had to remove all the stuff hanging off the crescent necklaces to work with them.  If you find these same necklaces at a Forever 21 store, you could also just leave all those coins on there for a different look!

2. Slip one crescent piece off its jumprings and secure it behind the other necklace’s crescent piece.  The two crescents will share a jumpring on either side.

3. If you’re able to find 2 necklaces with the chain at the bottom, use the wire to tie them together, threading through the chain links.

4. Mix up your Apoxie.  I found it stuck to my gloves too much while kneading, so I took them off.

5. Press the mixed Apoxie into the cavity between the two crescent pieces.  You don’t have to completely fill the cavity; only about 3/4″ down will do the trick.  Make sure the top is nice and smooth.

6. Place your crystal points into the soft Apoxie, varying their angles.  Once you’ve filled the cavity to your liking, go back and push the Apoxie right up against each point at its base, so each is firmly anchored.

7. Allow to dry 24 hours.

You’re done!  Pair with neutrals and flowing shapes to get your boho on this season.

Happy DIY’ing1


Pamela Love Crystal Crrescent Necklace, $760,

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