My DIY Zebra Clutch was featured on the blog yesterday!  I thought all of you would also like to see the tutorial, so I’ve pasted it in full below:It seems everything is coming up glitter this season, and it’s now the perfect time to pull out something from your closet, dust it off, and give it a brand-new coating of bling to liven it up! The glitters from Tulip range from super-fine to chunky and come in a variety of on-trend colors, lending themselves easily to a quick and simple project. With just a little glue and a stencil, you can create a fashion-forward piece from something oh-so last-season.


materialsfabric clutch  /  Tulip Fashion Glitter (I used Silver Ultra Fine Holographic)  /  Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond + sponge kit  /  zebra stencil (I used the stencil from the Tulip Tie-Dye Fashion Kit in Wild Thing)

Tools:  paper towels  /  rotary cutter and mat (or fabric scissors)  /  rubbing alcohol  /  cotton swab  /  tape (optional)

How To:
1. Cover your surface with paper towels. Lay the clutch flat, and place the stencil on top. If you need to, use tape to secure it.


step12. Using the sponge from the Fashion Glitter Bond kit, dab the Fashion Glitter Bond onto the exposed parts of the clutch. (I had tried using just a part of the stencil, but found it worked better when I covered the whole exposed area with glue first.)


step23. Before the bond dries (and it dries within minutes!), remove the stencil and sprinkle glitter onto the bond. Make sure all the glue is covered evenly.

step34. Tap the clutch to distribute the glitter, and use your finger to press glitter into anywhere that looks sparse. step4If there’s glitter in any places you don’t want it, remove by scrubbing with a dry cotton swab.

5. Allow to dry. Clean the stencil by wiping with a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol (water won’t get the sticky bond off the plastic).

6. Repeat for the other side of the clutch, and allow to dry for 24 hours.


7. Once completely dry, brush the clutch lightly to remove any extra glitter.

done1You’re done! Pair with all neutrals to let the design pop, or even take it one step further with the addition of rhinestones or other embellishments!

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