Yay!  I think this is the first time I’ve seen a photo of someone wearing one of the pieces I’ve made.  Joni looks absolutely beautiful, and I love the sweatpants combination with my cross rings!

On her right hand: Silver Itty Bitty Cross Ring.  On her left hand: Silver Sideways Cross Single Finger Ring (Silver is currently unavailable, but Gold Double-Finger Sideways Cross Rind and the Gold Single-Finger Sideways Cross Ring still are.)

Joni has a great sense of style and always looks so chic!  Check out her blog:

Shout-Out to You

Thanks, Joni, for featuring my rings!  I hope you like them!
(And if anyone else out there has posted photos of themselves on their blogs wearing any of my pieces from my Etsy shop…send them my way, and I’ll feature you here!;-)


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