DIY Paper Glitter Diamond Duo Paperweights

0.diyglitterdiamond_introI am just in love with Minieco‘s website – it’s so colorful and fun, my day is instantly brightened. Plus the author offers tons of downloadable paper templates and the origami-lover in me just can’t stay away. I particularly am drawn to the paper gemstone templates since they seem such a paradox. Precious gemstones! Made of cheap materials! By your own two hands! I needed some accent pieces for my seemingly-unending home office makeover, and so immediately decided to bump up the glam factor by using a glitter cardstock and making 2 coordinating gemstones for my desk. Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Gold Typography Word Art: Dream It, Make It, DO IT

0.diygoldwordart_introSo having been so inspired by gold-appointed typography art, I just had to make some myself to hang in my new office. The great thing about DIY’ing it is that you can choose anything: any word, phrase, or saying that has special meaning to you – and forever memorialize it in paint and glitter. It looks so chic livening up a freshly-painted wall!

You Need:diygoldwordart_materials

pre-cut picture mat  /  large piece of white cardstock  /  gold craft paint  /  loose gold glitter (not pictured)  / printout of your words  /  Mod Podge (not pictured)

Tools: paintbrush  /  tape  / something to protect your surface  /  craft knife  /  pencil & eraser  /  ruler  /  bowl for paint

How To:


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DIY Glittery Holiday Christmas Ornament Napkins with Tulip Shimmer Sheets

Around this time of year we all want our homes to be festive and bright; our holiday table filled with cheer.  These DIY glimmering, glittery Christmas napkins adorned with ornaments and made with Tulip Shimmer Sheets can help serve up a wonderful meal as a sparkling accessory.  Plus, once the cutting’s done, application is a cinch!  Here’s how to make your own:


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Instant Chipped Manicure Fix! Extend the Life of Any Mani With Glittery Tips

I feel silly that I haven’t tried this before.  Usually when my manicure chips, I scrape it off and start anew.  But a quick swipe of glitter on the tips camouflages things enough that it can last me at least another 3-4 days.  Brilliant!

Base color: Essie Lilacism

Glitter: Nails Inc. London Chelsea Embankment*

*I was so happy to have found this glittery gold polish: it’s a really fine glitter, but with maximum, full coverage.  I as so sick of glitter polishes that only contained a few sparkles floating in a clear polish…this is just perfect for full-on, max glitter!!
How do you extend the life of your manicure?

(When you aren’t getting gel manicures, that is…)


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