0.diyglitterdiamond_introI am just in love with Minieco‘s website – it’s so colorful and fun, my day is instantly brightened. Plus the author offers tons of downloadable paper templates and the origami-lover in me just can’t stay away. I particularly am drawn to the paper gemstone templates since they seem such a paradox. Precious gemstones! Made of cheap materials! By your own two hands! I needed some accent pieces for my seemingly-unending home office makeover, and so immediately decided to bump up the glam factor by using a glitter cardstock and making 2 coordinating gemstones for my desk. Here’s how:

You Need:

diyglitterdiamond_materialsdiamond template  /  glitter cardstock in your favorite colors  /  heavy beans, beads, or vase filler (optional, not pictured)  /  scissors or cutting blade  /  glue gun (tape is pictured above, but I found it doesn’t work. Use a glue gun!)  /  ruler  /  pencil  /  pushpin

How To:


1. Cut out Minieco’s 3D Diamond Template.

diyglitterdiamond_step22. Trace around the Diamond Template from Minieco.co.uk onto the back of your cardstock.

diyglitterdiamond_step33. Remove the template, and use the ruler and pencil to draw the interior lines of the piece.

diyglitterdiamond_step44. Use the pushpin and ruler to score the cardstock along the lines you drew. This helps create clean folds in the heavy-weight cardstock.

diyglitterdiamond_step55. Cut out the cardstock diamond.

6. Fold as directed.

diyglitterdiamond_step67. Use a glue gun to secure the folds down. (I know in the above photo I’m using tape, but the tape just doesn’t work. Use a glue gun!) If you want to weigh down your diamonds to make them into paperweights, glue until the last flap, and then fill the diamonds with your filler.

8. Glue down the last flap and remove any extraneous gluestrings. If you’re making paperweights, you may need to add a dab of glue on the point of the diamond so your filler doesn’t pour out! diyglitterdiamond_done2

And there you go! A DIY version of pretty, glittery gems for your office space.

diyglitterdiamond_done1 diyglitterdiamond_done3

Also pictured: DIY Gold Typography Word Art (click for the how-to)

I particularly liked them clustered in a pair on top of my desk, but they may eventually find a home as a trip in a decorative dish or on my bookshelf as an objet d’art.


Also pictured: DIY Glittery Gold Nugget Geometric Pushpins (click for the how-to)

diyglitterdiamond_done4Happy DIY’ing!



Materials for the Paper Glitter Diamond Duo Paperweights

Glitter Cardstock – I found mine at Michael’s in the scrapbooking section (in Gold and Dark Gold colors), but you can also get that online here. You can go as small as 8.5″ x 11″ with the sizing. Alternatively, you could make these out of plain cardstock, cover in Spray Adhesive, and sprinkle Glitter on them for the same effect – though you’d probably also need an Acrylic Sealant to keep the glitter put.

Diamond Template – available at Minieco.co.uk here.



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