I ended up having too much to do this evening and took a day off from attending the shows.  Most years I haven’t felt that I’ve seen anything innovative or worth blogging about on the activewear days (sorry, Portland!!), but this year apparently it was a day worth going to.  (Mostly because they bundled the eco-friendly collections on the same day as the activewear…not the best move IMHO.)

I’m super-sorry to have missed Anna Cohen‘s collection especially, since it was a collection designed for the customer to actually DIY their own knits utilizing her Imperial Yarn!!  Did someone say DIY??!  Right up my alley;-)  As for the rest of the collections, you guys can be the judge of whether this night was worth attending, after viewing local uber-talented photogs OSI Photography‘s beautiful shots* below:



Respect Your Universe


(made using textiles created from recycled PET bottles!)

Lenzanita Couture Collection

(made with textiles created from recycled PET bottles, recycled cassette tape, and natural fibers)

Ethos Paris

(high-quality organic garments, based in Paris)


(naturally dyed, handmade fabrics)

Imperial Collection by Anna Cohen

(a collection not for sale, but available in kits with locally-produced Imperial Yarn from Imperial Stock Ranch, and a pattern for each knit.  Shop the Imperial Knits Collection kits here if you’re interested!)

This final piece is a three-way collaboration between Anna Cohen, Imperial Yarn, and Earthtec: an amazing floor-length gown made from recycled PET material, and wool felt cape from Imperial wool stock.


What do you guys think?  Are you itching to try out one of Anna Cohen’s DIY Imperial Collection knits?  Or does anything else strike your fancy?



*(I haven’t included all the menswear shots for the sportswear collections for…well, obvious reasons.)

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