From the PR peeps:
Rocker Avril Lavigne officially joined the ranks of iconic New York Fashion Week designers following the presentation of her Abbey Dawn, by Avril Lavigne Fall/Holiday 2009 Collection, available exclusively at Kohl’s yesterday [Carly says sorry guys, there’s nothing up on the Kohl’s site yet], with a high-energy runway fashion show. Serving as an alternative destination for New York Fashion Week, this is STYLE360’s 6th annual series of fashion and society events. STYLE360 is a production of A-List Communications. Nicky Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger came out to support, among others….

I’m not sure about you guys, but to me this pretty much looks like stuff you can buy at Hot Topic, or Alloy, or Delia’s… It doesn’t look fresh; it looks dated (though it does look like something Avril would wear, I have to say). Updates could have been done in the styling but the few ensembles look very run-of-the-mill, punky, 90’s straight-up mall clothes. Now I know Avril was not aiming for high-fashion couture, but….it’s just….seen it, done it. But they’ll definitely sell.

What do all of you think?
(And I’m sure this will be the last time the Abbey Dawn PR people send me anything.;-)

Nicky Hilton’s expression is priceless.

And sorry about the watermark in the middle of the photos…me poor, cannot afford hi-res, no watermark image membership on WireImage…:-(

Photos by Steven A. Henry,



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