Houseline_AW2013lookbook1Houseline, by Portland Garment Factory, is manufactured on-site in Portland Oregon. The brainchild of Britt Howard and Rosemary Robinson, Portland Garment Factory was founded to fulfill that unique niche in the local economy: a full-service clothing manufacturing facility (of which Portland only has a bare few).  (I actually interned for 3 months at Portland Garment Factory not long after I arrived in Portland!) After manufacturing other local lines for awhile, Robinson and Howard branched out to design and create their own brand Houseline in 2011. For the upcoming A/W 2013 season, the line has grown to include outerwear as well as their staple easy-to-wear loose dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo pants, and even accessories.

Houseline_AW2013lookbook2 Houseline_AW2013lookbook3 Houseline_AW2013lookbook4 Houseline_AW2013lookbook5 Houseline_AW2013lookbook6 Houseline_AW2013lookbook7 Houseline_AW2013lookbook8 Houseline_AW2013lookbook9 Houseline_AW2013lookbook10 Houseline_AW2013lookbook11 Houseline_AW2013lookbook12 Houseline_AW2013lookbook13 Houseline_AW2013lookbook14Houseline is available at select boutiques on the West Coast and New York.




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