Snidel_Summer13lookbook1Snidel is a fast fashion Japanese brand created by the mash style lab conglomerate [I’ve featured a lookbook from another of their brands, Lily Brown, here]. Snidel focuses on simple, pretty details for feminine clothing with a twist. Headed up by mash style lab’s Chief Designer Asami Kusakami, Snidel is arguably one of the group’s most successful brands, launching in 2005 and now available in over 60 stores in Japan and China. Price points for the pieces range from around $50 for a simple T-shirt, to $220 for a tailored trenchcoat. The brand also launched another division in 2013: Snidel Girl, catering to – you guessed it! – girls.

Snidel_Summer13lookbook2 Snidel_Summer13lookbook3 Snidel_Summer13lookbook4 Snidel_Summer13lookbook5 Snidel_Summer13lookbook6 Snidel_Summer13lookbook7 Snidel_Summer13lookbook8 Snidel_Summer13lookbook9 Snidel_Summer13lookbook10 Snidel_Summer13lookbook11 Snidel_Summer13lookbook12 Snidel_Summer13lookbook13 Snidel_Summer13lookbook14 Snidel_Summer13lookbook15 Snidel_Summer13lookbook16 Snidel_Summer13lookbook17 Snidel_Summer13lookbook18 Snidel_Summer13lookbook19 Snidel_Summer13lookbook20 Snidel_Summer13lookbook21 Snidel_Summer13lookbook22 Snidel_Summer13lookbook23 Snidel_Summer13lookbook24 Snidel_Summer13lookbook25 Snidel_Summer13lookbook26 Snidel_Summer13lookbook27 Snidel_Summer13lookbook28 Snidel_Summer13lookbook29 Snidel_Summer13lookbook30 You can shop Snidel online at Usagi-Online, or at a number of boutiques throughout Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (see list here).




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