Draped Poly Kimono-Sleeve Jacket: SLY

Mismatched rhinestone stud earrings: bought in Japan

Faux enamel necklace: handmade by me

“To Be Green is To Be Serene” slogan t-shirt; Hinged Silver Cuff: Forever 21

Slap Watch: ?

Upcycled Padded Leather Stud Zip Clutch: DIY (tutorial for body of clutch here; added zipper following this tutorial here)

Ripped Bean Pole Jeans: Insight Denim (similar here)

Perforated Wedge Heels: Qupid

I had the great pleasure to shoot with my friend Dave Lim the other day – and he’s a really amazing photographer.

My poor hubby isn’t really into photographing people (he just enjoys taking pictures of inanimate objects, or our dog, Pudding [who might as well be an inanimate object for all the time she spends lazing about;-) ]).  So when I ask him to shoot an outfit for me, although he agrees to it (sometimes with much cajoling necessary), I can tell he’s counting the minutes until it is over.  Which makes it tough for me to look happy and relaxed in all my photos when the person on the other side of it is saying “For goodness’ sakes – how many more??!” LOL!

But he puts up with me and the onerous duty of taking my outfit photos for this blog often…though lately I’ve had my son Lil Tot stand in for him.;-)

It’s totally different working with someone who absolutely loves photography, and is so into how the light falls and the composition of the shot and everything!

Not to malign my poor, put-apon Hub but it’s an interesting change of pace.

Dave is so passionate about photography it really comes through in every photo.  On this particular day we headed out to Portland’s Forest Park to take some shots in a natural setting (though he did bring his pro lights!)

It was a super-fun day, with the weather just beautiful all afternoon.  As you can see he has a fabulous eye, so I had a tough time narrowing down the photos to pick only a few to share here.  (Okay, so maybe I didn’t narrow things down too much…it was just so hard!)

We had a great time, and I hope to get the chance to work with him again.  (We also took some more photos near the Witches’ House in the park…coming up in a future post!)

Thanks, Dave – for a great day and an awesome shoot!

All photos by Dave Lim


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