MilanomstrRS146262I can’t get this image of this chic woman at the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 out of my head – I pinned it to my Pinterest board recently and have been lusting ever since! Her outfit is totally next on my DIY list! It’s so perfect for Summery weather, and yet so incredibly polished. (And so DIY’able!)

Just pull your hair back into a low bun and pair with some sunnies you’ve DIY’d with some cut metal pieces (a la my DIY Alexander Wang Zipper Sunglasses tutorial) or added a couple white stripes with nailpolish or washi tape to. Cut the sleeves off a tight black T-shirt and chop is to rib-length. If you’re comfortable with sewing, the skirt you could make yourself from a basic pencil skirt pattern, using a graphic striped fabric (I swear Jo-Ann’s has something really similar to that lattice!). Add a black flounce to the hem using a curved piece of fabric, then applique over it with fruits cut from quilting fabric and use Heat N Bond to secure! (Like how I made my DIY Floral Applique Cardigan.) Pair with a pair of navy satin pumps and a dark green perspex clutch (you could totally use a clear lucite jewelry box and paint the inside with green glass paint) – and you’re good to go!

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