Portland Fashion Week 2011 Day 2: Sportswear, Eco-fashion, and Anna Cohen’s DIY Initiative

I ended up having too much to do this evening and took a day off from attending the shows.  Most years I haven’t felt that I’ve seen anything innovative or worth blogging about on the activewear days (sorry, Portland!!), but this year apparently it was a day worth going to.  (Mostly because they bundled the eco-friendly collections on the same day as the activewear…not the best move IMHO.)

I’m super-sorry to have missed Anna Cohen‘s collection especially, since it was a collection designed for the customer to actually DIY their own knits utilizing her Imperial Yarn!!  Did someone say DIY??!  Right up my alley;-)  As for the rest of the collections, you guys can be the judge of whether this night was worth attending, after viewing local uber-talented photogs OSI Photography‘s beautiful shots* below: (more…)

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