Cable-arm striped sweater: DIY.  Cropped Sweatpants: Forever 21.  Stirrup socks: DIY.  Clog Wedges: Forever 21.

Day 23 of my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 23.

The first snowfall of the year!

We woke up and the whole world was covered in an icy dusting.  Schools were closed, the roads frozen, and it was pretty chilly all day (though it warmed up a little by late afternoon).

She’s in her natural element.;-)

I myself wanted to be comfy and relaxed – and that means a nice, cozy sweater!

Source: A Pair and a Spare

I was inspired by this incredible hybrid sweater I spotted on A Pair and a Spare recently.  It seemed so easy to make…just pull off the arms of one sweater and sew them onto another.  I used a men’s sweater for the striped body and a women’s piece for the sleeves – and I can attach the striped sleeves to the cable-knit cardigan and have another hybrid piece in my wardrobe!

Tutorial for hybrid sweater coming soon!

I wrote a DIY tutorial for these Alexander Wang-style stirrup socks for Foam magazine back in May.  It was published to their online edition, then they reorganized everything and it was somehow losst in the shuffle, so I can’t find it online anymore.

I’ll post the tutorial for these Alexander Wang-inspired stirrup socks soon!


I found these awesome wedge clogs at Forever 21 the other day and was instantly smitten.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been searching for shoes that completely eliminate the toes visually – so that they’re like little triangles, or elf shoes (or tissue-boxes?) extending straight from the ankle to the toe.  (I even entered my own version in some shoe design contest for Steve Madden on Brickfish!)

 I know, it’s a strange fascination.  I didn’t win the contest or anything.:-)

80%20 is the only shoe I’ve ever seen that kind of does that, and now I’ve found an even more affordable version with Forever 21 (though they don’t completely eliminate the toes they’re still kind of clompy and elfin and I just love that).  (not available online yet, but I’ll link them in when they pop up)

On another note, it’s my little brother’s birthday today…he’s 30.  It’s crazy to think he’s 30 and he’s my “little” brother!!  Now we’re in the same decade again!

Happy Birthday, Bro!


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