Sharp-shouldered short-sleeve jacket: Forever 21 (similar here). Chain choker with rhinestones: Forever 21 (similar hereicon). Hashtag t-shirt: 2KUHL. Silver cube ring: Karmaloop (similar here). Gray Watch with pink chevron face: Modify Watches. Silver wrapped quartz bangle: DIY (tutorial here). Foldover stone leather handbag: Gorjana (sold out, similar here, use DEALS for an extra 20% off; and here). Laser cut pencil skirt: Re:Named. Suede Laney wrap heels: Joe’s Jeans.

8.25.14outfit_cu2I’ve been applying to jobs lately. Full-time, part-time, whatever seems a good match for me. Still working on my blog, still working on making videos, but do need to supplement out of necessity now. So I’ve been applying since May, and finally, finally got a call about coming in on an interview.8.25.14outfit_full28.25.14outfit_full4So here’s what I wore. I had posted about this Re:Named skirt in my previous Chic For the Week post – and let me tell you, it is amaaazing.

8.25.14outfit_full3Hugs in all the right places and looks so neat. The one problem was the lining was waaaay too short for my taste, so I tacked on some extra black fabric at the bottom of the lining to make it more work-appropriate. The lasercut fabric is a bit scratchy at the skirt hem, but it’s no big deal. My new favorite skirt, hands-down.

8.25.14outfit_full5The job was for a social media marketing specialist, and though I had decided to wear the skirt a couple days prior to the interview, I was still wondering what top to wear with it. I went to the mall to return some items and spotted this T-shirt sitting at the end of the sale rack at Macy’s. I mean, it was right there, positioned right in front of me. Waiting, almost. And it was 50% off. So I made an impulse decision to buy, knowing it would be PERFECT for the interview.

8.25.14outfit_cu1It was. The interviewers thought it was hilarious!

Since it is still Summer, I didn’t want to go all black with my accessories – just paired a sharp tailored blazer from Forever 21 (bought a long time ago) and stone-colored suede heels with a stone bag with light blue accents. 8.25.14outfit_shoesEven snapped an Instagram of those heels standing on the company logo just before my interview.

8.25.14outfit_bagAnd added a Modify watch for fun!

8.25.14outfit_full6Have your fingers crossed for me! 🙂



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