(vintage thrifted jacket, Roxy tee (thrifted), Sideways Gold Cross Necklace, double waistcoat from Japan, Insight Beanpole Shredded Jeans, Sam Edelman Zoe wedge heels, Claire’s armwarmers)

I’m having a problem with Blogger not displaying all of the comments in my past posts.

I usually don’t reply to comments immediately since I’m short on time on a daily basis – I’ll reply to them in bulk when I have some spare time, usually about once a week (or every 2 weeks…yup I got me a goshdarngood system I tellsya!) – and now as I’m going back through my blog I’m seeing TONS of comments missing. (I haven’t deleted them, honest I haven’t! *cries* *random blubbering*)

So if you’ve left a comment lately, and I haven’t replied or you don’t see your comment on the blog – well, I hope Blogger’s working on it, cuz I ain’t done a thing! I do try and visit everyone’s blog who leaves me a comment (if you’ve left your blog addy in the comment) – so me not stopping by and thanking you for your input is either I just haven’t gotten to your comment yet…or it has mysteriously disappeared. (This has only been happening today [Friday], so the problem may be fixed by the time this posts.)


This military vest I got in Japan [at LaForet Harajuku] is so cool because it’s double-layered
…and you can remove the outer layer at the 3 vertical buttons.

I won these fabulous shredded jeans in an Insight x Ladylike Fatlace giveaway last month!!

I was super-stoked. Actually, I won a pair of colored beanpole jeans, and the rep emailed me letting me know they were out of stock, would I like the shredded ones? I said HELL YES! and we had a deal.

‘Cept…she asked my size and I stupidly said 26. I looked all over the site for a size chart and couldn’t find it. I’m a 26 in 7 For All Mankind’s and a 27 in Forever21 stretch skinnies. I figured I should go smaller cuz skinny jeans stretch out as you wear them.

‘Cept I couldn’t get the 26’s over my butt. My thighs were complaining of abuse since they had no room to breathe in the 26’s. I couldn’t even sit down. So I emailed the rep back saying thanks but they didn’t fit oh well – I think I’ll do a giveaway on my blog instead and she emailed me saying she’d replace them for free!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

BUT WAIT! She even sent along the Halliwell top in the new package!!! I was so flattered I wrote her a gushing (maybe kind of scary??) email. How incredibly thoughtful of her!!

So above is my outfit with the jeans that I put together on Friday. I’m wearing vests layered under blazers lately – for that extra texture/color/sparkle…plus it’s been freakin’ cold lately!

I got this sideways cross on Etsy (for $40!) back in August after falling in love with the Roseark version on Taylor Jacobson from The Rachel Zoe Project. [It’s originally from TheresaMink though right now she’s on vacay so it’s being shipped by someone else.] The funny thing is, Rumi (from FashionToast) has worn the same one lately.
It’s just all OVER the place! I love how it’s delicately irreverent – yet it still proclaims some sort of faith. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it?? haha

Something I never noticed about these Sam Edelman’s: the cool printed bottom. Now caked with mud from my garden. (Not that I was doing gardening in them LOL.) Ah well – I guess everyone’s going nuts over the Acne Atacoma wedges now, right?

In the background, Muffin and Pudding have made their escape from house arrest and are stirring up some major trouble, knowing those two.

Have a great weekend gals! DIY tutes coming up once I get thru the next mess of birthday parties and Santa Claus helicopter-visits! (Don’t ask.)

P.S. And I really wasn;t going for that totally Taylor look with my hair…I’ve just changed shampoos, and haven’t figured out how to deal with the aftermath of washing it just yet.;-)


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